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ZimShoppingMalls.com is an eCommerce Content Marketing Ecosystem with a network of critical online tools, including search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing, for businesses and organizations in Zimbabwe

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is like winking in the dark. You know what you are doing but noone else does... (Steuart H. Britt)

Our Other Tools Shoppers Love

zimbabwe directories on zimshoppingmalls


How many times have you looked for a school only to get outdated info online. Now you can just go to schooldirectory.co.zw for up-to-date info.

find something on zimshoppingmalls or google


This is one of our sub-directories that make it easy to find a shop and quickly understad what the shop does. The reputable shops are signing up to this directory.

find an event or find a venue on zim shopping malls


Imagine trying to find a restaurant, a hotel, a wedding venue, a lodge but all you have is a printed directory and bad directions. This happens a lot but now you can use www.findavenue.co.zw.

find an event or find a venue on zim shopping malls


This is another FREE service to anyone in Zimbabwe. Simply register and post your event on www.findanevent.co.zw and benefit from the ZimShoppingMalls network.


Wait a second - This is NOT your typical classifieds website. All the sellers are vetted and confirmed to be legitimate businesses so consumers can shop around with some degree of comfort.

find something on zimshoppingmalls or google


Who doesn't love a discount? EXACTLY! Everyone does!!! That is why this service is FREE for any company in Zimbabwe to use because we believe it's our duty to help consumers find a discount.

zimbabwe directories on zimshoppingmalls


One of the least documented sectors in Zimbabwe are doctors, clinics and hospitals. The www.medicaldirectory.co.zw helps you to find a doctor, clinic or hospital easier using Google maps.

Buy Online Groceries in Zimbabwe


COMING SOON... Imagine browsing your favorite grocery items from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME and placing an order plus paying online and having the groceries delivered to any address. No more long queues for the wise;)

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