ZOL Fibroniks Is Now The Best Since…

zol fibronics on zimshoppingmalls

ZOL Fibroniks bandwidth just became the best thing since sliced bread! Ok ok ok maybe the second best thing because in my biased view ZimShoppingMalls.com is the best thing to happen in Zim since sliced bread.

Back to ZOL… The most popular package of course has been the Fibroniks LITE especially after ZOL introduced it without the monthly rental fee late last year; that was the time I signed up because I refused prior to that to sign up and pay $5 a month to rent a router when in my house I have 3 CISCO routers that are more advanced than the one ZOL uses. Anyways this is not about my issues then because ever since I signed up with ZOL I have been extremely happy with the service with the exception of the occasional stress when my bandwidth would run out before I finished work and with clients breathing down my neck to get projects completed.

So as you can tell I use my internet primarily for work. I spend 90% of the day working online. I use on average about 800MB per day so 15GB was never enough for the month. Over the past week I had been shopping around for a solution that would give me more bandwidth for the same dollar because I felt ZOL could do better for us. WELL… I am no longer in the market for a new service provider because ZOL, at some point this afternoon, increased their packages as follows:

Cost per month  Old Data cap per month New Data cap per month
Fibroniks Lite $29 15GB 25GB
Fibroniks Basic Essentials  $39  25GB  35GB
Fibroniks Family Essentials  $89  50GB 75GB

This article is not a sponsored Ad or solicited in any way but I am writing this article to show my appreciation for what ZOL has done! My view is that these new packages especially for SMEs like the few companies I work for from home will benefit a great deal from this move. The more time we have online improving business operations and technologies driving the SMEs we work for the more productive our organizations will become and increased productivity will do well for our economy. This truly is the best news I have heard thus far this year.

My clients will appreciate my work because it will get better and we just like other SMEs will become more competitive not just in Zimbabwe but in the region and globally for that matter. Access to technology is the best thing Zimbabwe needs right now and anyone stifling that progress needs to step back. Well done ZOL for this move and I will recommend you to others any day because of your recent move and your customer support that has always been great!

I hope more SMEs will support ZOL because that surely can only mean better service going forward. Soon I don’t doubt that we will be paying just $50 for unlimited internet and super-fast speeds! Denying Zimbabweans internet in 2017 is the same as denying us food!

We don’t use STARS at ZimShoppingMalls but we use BAGS. ZOL gets 5 bags from me!!!!!

Now I can upload more podcasts, skype and watch tech news highlights without worrying about bandwidth. What are your thoughts to this recent move by ZOL? Tell me in the comments below…

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Great job ZOL. This time you have served your clients well. These are the enhancements that win you support from us, your valued clients.