ZimShoppingMalls to Create 1000 Flexible Independent Sales Agent Jobs in 2016

Official Press Release:

ZimShoppingMalls is set to create at least 1000 Sales opportunities across Zimbabwe in 2016. Our vision is to create 2000 jobs in the next 5 years including the opening of a call center scheduled for opening between Q4 2016 to Q2 2017. This creates a unique opportunity for talented individuals and companies to become Independent Sales Agents for ZimShoppingMalls and potentially make as much as 365$ commission from their first 10 annual sales plus receive a FREE tablet after 10 annual sales. Make thousands of dollars

Ambitious Independent Sales Agents Needed by ZimShoppingMalls

working from home is, sadly, oftentimes an online scam. However, telecommuting flexible jobs can be rewarding and are cheaper for legitimate businesses such as ZimShoppingMalls as less office space is required, for example. The global trend has seen a rise in such opportunities although it remains quite difficult for job seekers to find these legitimate flex job opportunities amidst the junk and scams on most job boards. Job seekers looking for more details on the ZimShoppingMalls Work-From-Home-opportunities can find more details on www.ZonkeJobs.com.

With virtually thousands of qualified job seekers available in Zimbabwe including recent graduates, ZimShoppingMalls is confident that in the first two quarters of this year 500-800 positions will be filled up. We are inviting employment agencies, universities, schools, churches, community organizations to spread the word and direct job applicants to ZimShoppingMalls for this unique opportunity. We believe in technology’s ability to create jobs and progress our people and our economy. Individuals can keep their regular jobs and become part-time sales agents making additional income from this ZimShoppingMalls opportunity.

ZimShoppingMalls is a new online Zimbabwe business directory with a network of optional FREE e-commerce extensions including a FREE online e-store, FREE Search Engine Optimization, a discount promotion service and more. ZimShoppingMalls is 100% Zimbabwean and is set to change the way technology assisted marketing and advertising works in Zimbabwe first and foremost by offering a 5600$ e-solution package to clients for just 1$ a day or 365$ a year. Already the platform has made a lot of its clients visible on search engines including the popular Google search engine. Existing clients include Cleopatra Wellness & Aesthetics Clinic, The Smart Move Realty, Shickers Clearing & Forwarding, AutoCare Car Wash, Suzuki Auto Zimbabwe, Maestro Restaurant, Pabloz VIP, The Centurion, Mr Chips Angwa Street just to mention a few. Consumers can search for businesses by name, product, service, location plus other criteria making it much easier to find exactly what one is searching for.
More details on ZimShoppingMalls are available on our website www.ZimShoppingMalls.com.

ZimShoppingMalls Business Development Office

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