ZBC licences: Zimbabwe Constitutional Court Landmark Ruling

zbc tax zimbabwe zimshoppingmallsThe (Concourt) Constitutional Court has delivered a landmark ruling on the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Services (ZBC) licencing saga ordering every citizen to pay the broadcaster’s licence fees irrespective of the service provider one may select to use in Zimbabwe.

The court ruled that citizens were not being asked to pay for the services provided for by ZBC but the legislature came up with the law compelling all Zimbabwean citizens owning gadgets capable of receiving radio and television signals, to pay a tax for possessing such gadgets. Apparently this includes mobile phones and tablets that have an FM radio application. The judgement was delivered in a matter involving Bernard Wekare and Musangano Lodge who were both challenging the compulsory payment of ZBC licences arguing it was in violation of the country’s Constitution since citizens were being forced to pay for services they did not want to watch or listen to.

What is your take on this ruling? How will this law be enforced? Will the revenues justify the cost of implementing this ruling? There are may questions in people’s minds and we want to hear your questions and thoughts in the comments below this article.

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