Young Entrepreneur Of The Month – Carreg Dove

The Young Entrepreneur of the Month of September 2018 is Carreg Dove from Greystone Park – Congratulations!!! Young entrepreneurs are drivers of innovation, rapid adapters to the fast pace global economy that require support from their parents, the government and the private sector to ensure success of their start-ups that can potentially create jobs and make a significant impact to our local economy.

Young Entrepreneur Of The Month - Carreg Dove

Despite obvious reasons why young entrepreneurs are important for economic prosperity in Zimbabwe, it seems very few parents prioritize fostering this quality in their kids and the government and the private sectors still need to be implement more effective policies to support our Young Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe. This is one of the main reasons why at ZimShoppingMalls we have decided on featuring a Young Entrepreneur Of The Month, every month, in the hope to showcase young people contributing to our economy and potentially motivate other young people to become more entrepreneurial plus encourage parents, the government and the private sectors to create an environment where young citizens begin entrepreneurship at a much younger age and receive the necessary support for their start-ups to flourish and make a meaningful contribution to our country’s economy.

Recently ZimShoppingMalls met with Carreg Dove to find out a little about this young entrepreneurs and this is how the conversation went:

How old are you Carreg?

I am 15 years old

Tell us about your layers/egg project.

I started out with 12 chickens in one coop that I built with my dad. We have since built two more coops. I am planning on expanding the business. The chickens loyally produce an egg every day. It is rewarding. It has also been an adventure. One night after a big storm my mum and I had to rescue the chickens from rising flood water. Chickens do not like to get wet. We managed to save all the chickens. They had to stay in the bath for the night till the ground dried up. We also have to manage flies by setting up fly traps, watch that snakes stay away and keep rodents from stealing all the chicken food. There is quite a bit that goes on with keeping chickens healthy too. One way to do this is to give them some green veggies and bugs. Chicken manure is a great by product. My mum uses it in her garden, and I add it to my veggie patch. It is strong manure and a little goes a long way.

Who’s idea was it to start this project and how long did it take you to build the chicken coop?

It was my mom and dad’s idea as my 12th birthday gift that would earn my pocket money. It took a week to plan and build the first chicken coop. In that week my dad and I did the research and discussed what materials we would need to build the coop. During the weekend we built it. It was a fun experience and a great time with my dad.

How long have you been running your layers business?

I have been running the layers business for two and a half years.

How often do you Feed the chickens, clean the coop etc.?

While I am at school, Kudzi helps out with feeding, replenishing the water and collecting the eggs but I do it on Sundays. We clean the coup every other day and make sure there is fresh straw or leaves for the chickens who enjoy rummaging in it. My dad collects the chicken food once a month. My mum and I manage the egg orders for the customers.

How much time do you set aside for your project each day?

In total I spend approximately 15 to 20 min every day looking in on the chickens. I enjoy their company.

How do you keep track of how much money you make?

I keep a simple ledger to track my income and expenses.

What do you do with the money you make?

Some of the money I make, I put back into the business. The money goes towards buying more chicken food, and replacing chickens. I invest the rest of the money into my new ventures.

What are your hobbies and do you still have time to do them?

My hobbies include cycling, fishing and DIY projects. I am fortunate that I have time to do my hobbies.

Do your friends know about your project?

Yes they do and some of their parents are my customers.

What do they say about it?

My friends think it is a great venture and are encouraging me to expand; it takes time to grow a business. It is good to start small and learn.

What’s the best thing about your project?

The best thing about my project is gaining experience on running a business and earning a bit of money. It helps me to get an understanding about the value of money and management.

What would you like to be when you grow up?

I would like to run several successful businesses one day.

Do you think more children your age should have their own projects?

Yes, I think more children my age should have their own projects for business experience. It’s also fun to come up with creative ways to solve problems you face in running a business.

What would you like to say to encourage them?

I would say to any child who wants to get started: 1) challenge yourself, 2) have people around you that believe in you and encourage you, 3) take the step and give it a try, 4) be willing to make mistakes and learn from them and last but not least 5) have a vision that you can put into action and then believe you can do it!

Young Entrepreneur Of The Month - Carreg Dove

It’s young entrepreneurs like Carreg that give us hope in our country’s ability to become more competitive in the future as they are already learning economic principles from such a young age that as they grow we can expect that their contributions and involvement will not only increase but will be more dynamic and competitive and in turn creating a competitive thriving economy to rival that of developed nations. We dream of some day soon referring to our country Zimbabwe as a developed nation and with such young talent we may be closer than we think as long as Young Entrepreneurs receive the support they need to learn and prosper in their start-ups.

Are you a Young Entrepreneur or know one that should be featured on ZimShoppingMalls? Send us a brief writeup to and remember to like our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for social media updates.

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