Women Body Shapes – Inverted Triangle

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Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at women’s body shapes and how to creatively enhance them through the clothes we wear.

Women come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, full and slender, tall and petite. With all the different body proportions at play, these can be separated into at least nine body shapes that can be adapted to individually match your unique shape. These nine shapes can be grouped into five basic female body figures namely;

  • The Apple (Round)
  • The Pear (Triangle)
  • The Hourglass
  • The Rectangle/Column and
  • The Inverted Triangle

I will begin in no particular order with the Inverted Triangle.

Do you find that you wear a larger size top than bottom, have wider shoulders or fuller bust and have a straight rib cage? If so then you most likely fall into the figure of the day. With the Inverted Triangle body shape, your bottom half is smaller than your top half. There is little definition between your waist and hips and your shoulder line is straight and square. My goal is to help you create visual balance by disguising challenging areas and enhancing the positive ones. That way you will be more confident when shopping and dressing for your body type. Putting your wardrobe together will be a breeze!

Quick Tips for enhancing your figure

#LeRatoSays Draw attention to your lower body by wearing clothes with details that create volume. ‘A’ line, full waist, peplum or drop waist skirts and dresses may be teamed with a wide belt to define the waist and create the women body shapes inverted triangleillusion of fuller hips. Feel free to play around with skirt lengths to accentuate your legs. Great pant styles to wear include straight leg pants, Palazzos, Culottes and Cargo pants.

Keep your top half clean and uncluttered. Look for slim fitting tops and jackets with narrow ‘V’ necks, deep shawl collars or wrap over styles that fit at the waist and flare out slightly at the hip. ‘V’ necks narrow your upper body. Top it off with long necklaces that draw the eye centrally.

Skinny jeans and leggings can be tricky unless cleverly worn with a shift dress top that covers your thighs. You could also get away with a clean cut peplum jacket worn over a pair of high waist skinny jeans. Look out for good print patterns on light colour backgrounds to enhance the volume effect.

Avoid ruffles, puff sleeves and shoulder pads even if the 80’s Power look were to return. (You would pull it off naturally!) No halter necks or off shoulder styles that emphasis the broadness of shoulders. You may be able to get away with the asymmetric lines of a cold shoulder or one shoulder style if you really love this trending look. Lastly, avoid allover prints on tops and keep your colour choices on the dark side.

I hope this mini pep chat has been helpful, if not for yourself then at least for someone you know. Go ahead and share this with them.

We are all beautiful inside and out. Choose to quit comparing yourself to someone else and be who YOU were created to be. Let your inner beauty (power) radiate outwardly for all to see and appreciate and remember, YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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