Why Clients Can’t Find You Online

The reason why clients can’t find you online is quite simple and not as complicated as you might think. The solution is also quite simple if you know what you are doing or if you know the right companies to help you get that done.

The critical things you must understand are a few simple terms that include website development, Search Engines, Mobile First, Search Engine Optimization commonly known as SEO, Keywords, Content Creation, Local Focus, Branding, Email Marketing just to mention a few.

Website Development

Website Development refers to literally building your site. Most people are not developers so require the expertise of a website developer to help them recreate their idea online, much as we would require a builder to construct our dream house. If you get a bad inexperienced builder, well… your house will look as good as the builder’s ability. So make sure you get someone that knows what they are doing! Research, get referrals… do your due diligence. Business Card type website or static websites do not rank well on Google and other search engines.

Search Engines

Search Engines are responsible for what we see online when we look for something. The common search engines include Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are a lot more search engines than these 3 but for your business, you want to ensure at the very least that these big 3 can see your business online and reveal you to potential clients that may be looking for your or anything in relation to your products or services online. You can now appreciate that if you are not visible on search engines then you might as well not exist in the eyes on the online market.

Search Engine Optimization

Now that you understand what a search engine is from the last paragraph, it’s important that you understand how to be more visible on those search engines. It’s this process of making your business more visible on search engines that we call Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your goal as a business must be to be the first business in the search results. No point in being on the last page because let’s face it… how many times do you scroll through the search results pages after you have found something you are looking for on the first page? Get your business on the first page on all relevant search results.


Keywords are an important element of Search Engine Optimization because they are a large part of what search engines use to find relevant content to return to individuals when they search online. Imagine asking someone for directions to go to Bulawayo and they give you directions to Kariba; that probably won’t go very well with you. Similarly, search engines try by all means to return relevant search results when you search for certain terms online. You will want to ensure that your website is optimized for the relevant search terms and keywords so that when individuals search for those terms related to your business, you are included in the search results.

Content Creation

Content creation simply refers to creating material that surfers might be interested in. Helpful, current and emotional Content is King!!! This includes everything from the very products you place on your online store to product reviews or other content in relation to the products. Imagine trying to compare two new cellphones online before you make your purchase… You would appreciate a great objective review and will likely return to that site for other reviews. This means you must ensure that not only is your content currently relevant but also reliable so that your website visitors will share it and thereby increase the number of people coming to your website for more content and this will help you to become more visible online as search engines will understand that many people trust your content and find it useful.

Mobile First

The obvious reason your website should be mobile friendly is that Google has factored this into their algorithm so YES you definitely want to listen to their advice and ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Most internet users now surf from some form of a mobile device so if your site is too data-hungry and slow on mobile devices then you will likely lose those clients. These two reasons alone are enough to make you think Mobile First if you want clients and potential clients to find you online.

Local Focus

To make your business is visible online to Zimbabweans it’s important to ensure that you remain focused on the local market. There is no point for your business to be visible to people in Tanzania when you really want to sell to people in Zimbabwe. It’s important that you have a local flare that Zimbabweans can relate to and that your website is optimized for local content so that search engines will understand that your content is for Zimbabweans. A good local strategy will ensure that clients can find you even when they don’t know our business name… they should find you by simply searching for what they want. For example, if you are in Zimbabwe you can search for ‘gas heater head‘ and you will notice that the gas heater head sold on ZimShoppingMalls is the first one on Google. This is an example of having an online presence with a local focus.

Don’t discount local expos and events because those very same people that attend also form part of the online market so it’s important that they recognize your website or online profile at the events as they may search for you online and share your relevant content.

clients cant find you online SEO business profiles


Ask yourself whether your website, storefront or online catalog, business card, Facebook page, Instagram page, twitter page all look like they belong to the same business or clients would not easily see the connection. This is important because when your clients and potential clients recognize your (brand) website then they are more likely to stay and browse around and perhaps give you business. Branding is no longer just for the big guys but also small businesses need a Branding strategy.

Engage Your Website Visitors

A good content creator will ensure that they engage their audience in the comments section of their website or on social media. Sadly most writers and website owners forget this critical element of the ecosystem. When your website visitors feel that their contributions are appreciated, they are more likely to return to re-engage and invite others to your website and increase your online visibility.

How are you increasing your visibility online?

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