Who Am I – Part 2

Greetings special people.

We continue from Part 1 on the quest of finding our true identity. Last week we started defining man by going to his source. Today we will continue on that truth. If man is a spirit and comes directly from God. In the book of Genesis Chapter one, in verses one and two,who am i christian zimshoppingmalls God was creating, making something out of nothing, then he starts rearranging the creation. In this process He was speaking to the source. When He wanted trees and vegetation He spoke to the earth, when He wanted fish He spoke to the sea. So the earth is the source, the origin of trees and animals, The Sea is the source of fish and all the swimming creatures.

However, when He wanted man, He spoke to Himself and said “Let us…”. For the tree, He said “let the earth” but for man This means our real living starts when we connect to our source and start tapping from the source. No wonder Jesus used the metaphor saying, “I’m the vine and you are the branches”. He was saying, “I am the source, stay connected to me”

Jesus is the source of all that we need. We must connect to the source. Accepting Him as the Lord and Savior is the beginning point of connecting to the source. Do you need health, peace, joy, love, healing and every good thing? Connect to the source, Jesus. Jesus loves you and desires a deep fellowship with you. He wants a relationship with you.
Connecting to the source is simple, just say this prayer meaning it from your heart, say:

“Lord Jesus I come to you today, in faith knowing that you love me, may you come into my heart and be the Lord and savior of my life. I want to live for you and in you, thank you for accepting me as your child. Amen”

If you prayed that prayer, congratulations, you are now connected to your maker, now you need to find a good bible believing church and attend regularly to grow in Christ. Be blessed

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