What is a Gutter Guard

There are various types of products on offer depending on your problem and type of gutter system. The products are fitted to your existing gutter system to protect the gutters from becoming blocked due to falling vegetation, debris and leaves. Some are fitted to the top of the gutters, or in some cases slots into the gutter cavity. All the products are easy to install as a DIY project or could be installed by your local handyman.

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Depending on the product you choose and the gutter layout, the gutter protection system may need to have plastic clips to hold the mesh in place or screwed down with self-tapping screws. Every type of gutter guard will require a minimum amount of maintenance. With our systems, nature does most of the work, leaves and debris are left to dry on top of the gutter guard and the majority blows off allowing water to enter your gutter and flow away as it should.

The perforations in our mesh are the perfect size to allow flowing water and sunlight into gutters preventing rot, mildew and silt build-up that can happen in extreme cases. Our products are perfect for hosing out your gutters or simply remove the product to access the gutter cavity.

Why You Need Our Gutter Guard?

  • Eliminate the dangerous and time-consuming task of cleaning out and unblocking your gutters.
  • Blocked gutters cause water overflow potentially damaging your home or business. Damage can be in the form of rotting fascia boards, damage to the eaves and overflowing gutters can cause rising damp in your walls.
  • When gutters get clogged up they get heavy and pull the gutter bracket screws out of the fascia boards.
  • Gutters full of leaves and debris are unsightly and a fire hazard.
  • Gutter Guard prevents birds, vermin and pests from entering the premises.
  • Dry gutters last longer, require less maintenance and eliminate potential mosquito breeding habitats.
  • If you have water tanks, the system greatly improves rainwater quality and quantity.
  • Gutter guard products will not break or tear. Our resilient gutter guard will resist most impacts from falling debris.
  • Our gutter guard products have optimum sized perforations to allow all rainwater and sun in, but keep all debris and leaves out.
  • The guard is removable should you ever require access to your gutters.

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