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In this post I will introduce myself and tell you a little about this pregnancy classifieds page and hopefully the material and style will get better with time – actually IT WILL;)


About Me:
Before I even begin – it’s my birthday today!!! My first birthday as a mommy… I love it!

MrsKhumzMy name is… ummm… just call me Mrs Khumz. Yup, I love it when my friends call me Mrs Khumz. I am a wife and a mother to the most handsome little boy in the world. I married the man of my dreams (Mr Khumz) and marriage has not been what many people told me it would be like – It’s been AMAZING! The journey is incredible and makes me anxious to experience the future… I am the eldest of three children and my favorite color is… ok ok let me get to the meat of this article. I guess you could say that I am a new mom; my son is 10months old (pics coming soon – I may have to negotiate this one).

While I was pregnant with my son, I tried so hard, just like any mother should, to ensure I ate right and did everything right for a healthy baby. I must have read a dozen books on pregnancy and not to mention going through over 10000 names in search of the perfect name for my son. There were so many things I experienced in my pregnancy that I was unaware of and what made some of the experiences difficult was the lack of information as it relates to a young expecting woman. And don’t get me started on the fact that finding the right products in Zimbabwe was a mission – felt like the third chimurenga!!! Finding quality maternity clothes, maternity underwear, breast pads and a comfy pair of jeans etc was difficult. My husband eventually found a really nice store tucked away in Mt Pleasant; He still has to answer as to how on earth he new about that store!!! Mr Khumz – I have not forgotten… Seriously though, it was difficult getting sexy pregnancy clothes at the right price and the little things that make it that much easier for a woman to go through 9months of carrying another muntu in their belly.

All my experiences got me thinking… What if there was a classifieds page where pregnant women could easily find everything they are looking for? It would make it so convenient to look for pregnancy products and by virtue of the central market place, prices would also be affordable due to increased competition. And so I decided before my son was born that I would launch a classifieds platform to make it easier for other expecting folks to find products, services and information on pregnancy.

On this platform I will share my experiences and other people’s experiences through pregnancy. It’s a journey we should always share with others because there is so much to learn and sisusami.com will make it that much easier to share this information. Just visit the blog section for updated articles or better yet like our Facebook page for frequent updates on your Facebook wall.


Buying and Selling on SisuSami.com:
For those that want to sell items related to pregnancy, simply visit the website and click on register then follow the prompts. Individuals and Stores or Businesses are welcome to register and start selling for FREE. If you are a business then make sure that your username is the name of your business so that shoppers can easily recognize you (easy brand recognition). You can post as many products and/or services as you wish but please no spamming as your account will be deleted. Remember this is a FREE platform to make it easy for all of us going through the most magical time of our lives – lets keep it clean and respect my vision to create something progressive for all of us.

Visit this blog frequently for articles from how to effectively list your products on the classifieds section, how to search for a product, how to use the gynecologist and pediatrician directories, how to get pregnant, handling pregnancy, preparing for birth, choosing the right doctors and the right hospital, choosing baby names and so so much more…

The writing style here will be very easy and relaxed; my focus is on communicating to you as if we were sitting across from each other and having a conversation about pregnancy.

If you like my vision help me spread the word and tell everyone in your circles to like the “SisuSami Pregnancy Classifieds” Facebook Page and to visit this blog;) You can use the share buttons to your left on your browser to share this article or items on classifieds with your social platform networks.

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