Weaning and Sleeping Through The Night

Mothers all over the world who have newborns have a common struggle and that is sleepless nights. Some opt for sleep training as early as 6 weeks to get babies to sleep through the night but experts advise against that as breast or bottle fed babies should not go more that 4 hours without a feed. This is because their tummies are small so frequent feeding is needed. The good news is that as they grow older and solid food is introduced, they can go a few more hours in between each feed.

I’ve heard it being said that once you wean your child then they are more likely to sleep through the night and based on my experience I can safely say that that is true. The reason being that they no longer wake up looking for milk. It does not happen right away and they may still wake up out of habit but give it a few days and your bambino will be sleeping for a good 8-10 uninterrupted hours. You may even find yourself waking up just to check on them because your body is so used to getting up intermittently.

I weaned my son at 20 months and within a week he was sleeping through the night. No crying, no fussing. For ideas on how to wean read Weaning- When??? and do share your experiences with sleep or lack of it in the comments below.

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