Wash or Wipe – New Year Resolution

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Wash or wipe after ‘number2’ might be something you have never thought of when coming up with ‘New Year’ resolutions… until today. kkkkkk Before we even get into which method (wash or wipe) is best for you let’s review some scenarios:

  • If you spill yogurt on your dining table do you wash or wipe the table?
  • If you spill gravy on your hand do you just wipe your hand or you wash with water then dry?
  • If you are working in your garden and accidentally get mud on your face, do you get a tissue and wipe or you wash your face with water?
  • If you are driving and a bird drops a poop package on your windscreen, would you rather wipe off those bird droppings or use water to wash?
  • If your baby smudges chocolate on your wooden floor, would you rather wipe it off with tissue or wash it off to leave your floor clean?

I am quite confident that most of you said that you would rather use water to wash off the dirt in the above scenarios… so how come we prefer to wipe for the most part in Zimbabwe? Wiping alone is not good enough to clean bird droppings from our smooth motor vehicle windscreen but we walk around with bottoms that have been wiped only and in some cases with tissue that is a sure cancer risk. Yikes!!!

It appears we have completely accepted someone else convincing us that smudging our waste around our bottoms is classy and the best way to leave them clean – brainwashed by marketing. Surely in 2019 someone is going to come up with an affordable wet wipes option; otherwise we will just keep smudging the bacteria… and continue walking around with traces of ‘stinkies’ on our bottoms. As we like to say in Zim “pakaipa!” or “kunzima!”.

A friend of mine in Zim does not use tissue paper at all to avoid the risks of hemorrhoids and urinary tract infection; this is enough motivation to include washing in my New Year’s Resolutions this year. Honestly I probably would not just wash but follow through with a gentle dab-dab. Or if the prices for wet-wipes come down a little I definitely will start walking around with wet-wipes.

Indians have been washing for a long time; it’s time we adopted their school of thought in this case and do away with reliance on tissue paper as we currently do in Zimbabwe. Let’s get washing;) Who else is joining this wash movement…?

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