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Unsend Messages: Do you know what the walk of shame is? It’s when you have to walk across campus or walk home on the day after an unplanned casual sexual encounter, typically dressed in the same clothes as the previous evening. You have seen someone wearing a little black dinner dress with sparkles or a tux on a Saturday morning in the Kombi going home or walking to campus, right? Well that is an example of the walk of shame. Most people in this situation wish the ground would just swallow them. Normally alcohol is the culprit…

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Technology has made it even easier for more people to experience the walk of shame – perhaps not exactly the same but equally as embarrassing. If you have ever sent a drunk text pouring out your undying love for your ex, or a married man/woman or sent images of yourself in your birthday suit to a WhatsApp group then you know exactly what we are talking about here. Would it be nice to just click a recall or unsend button that can take the messages back as if they never happened? Make it all go away…

Well the popular WhatsApp application is rumored to be working on a, ‘unsend’ functionality that would save most of us the embarrassment of a compromising message accidentally sent to the wrong WhatsApp group or the all too common drunk text. The Twitter account WABetaInfo, that shares details of unreleased WhatsApp features, claims you’ll soon be able to “recall” a message within five minutes of sending it in future WhatsApp updates. This feature will allow users to ‘unsend’ or edit’ messages, removing them from a receiver’s phone before they have had a chance to read them – saving the sender much embarrassment.

It’s not certain when the feature will be available but it’s clear that the majority of WhatsApp users are eagerly waiting for this feature. We can already see some folks using it to just vent and quickly revoking the message before the intended recipient reads it – therapeutic is it not…? You decide.
What do you think about this feature?

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