What’s the difference between ‘findaproduct.co.zw also labelled as CLASSIFIEDS LISTINGS’ and ‘zimshoppingmall.com also labelled as ONLINE SHOPPING’ links on zimshoppingmalls.com?

CLASSIFIEDS LISTINGS are 100% managed by the different businesses selling on ZimShoppingMalls’ www.findaproduct.co.zw platform. The entire process from order to delivery of goods and products is handled by the specific seller/vendor.

ZimShoppingMall.com or ONLINE SHOPPING is an online shopping mall with many businesses listed and selling their products and services through our central online mall. We at ZimShoppingMall handle the entire process including delivery of items in most cases. We also have a growing team of support personnel ready to serve clients by taking your calls and helping you to ensure a smooth and efficient experience on ZimShoppingMall.com.


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