Tips When Looking For Baby Shower Gifts

  1. Know the sex of the baby- This is important as it gives a guide as to what sort of gift to buy, colors, styles etc. If the parents don’t know the sex or are keeping it a secret then buy something gender neutral like a blanket or a hamper of non scented baby toiletries such as powder, soap, shampoo, wipes and lotion. Non scented toiletries are the best for new born babies to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.
  2. Ask the parents what their toy preference is- If you want to buy the baby a toy, find out what sort of toys the parents would and would not like for their children. Gone are the days when a stuffed animal was a “safe” gift and with so many toys being made with led these days (which is very harmful to children) some parents would rather you do not buy toys at all. A quick inquiry beforehand will ensure you get something that the parents will appreciate. If they tell you to feel free to buy anything then these tips can guide you.
  3. Clothes are safe but check the print- Some clothes may have offensive printing on it. I for one do not appreciate skulls and skeletons even if they’re all colorful, smiley and doing a happy dance. Others may however find that funny. You should know the parents of the baby well enough to judge their taste and if you do not then avoid clothes with prints.
  4. Know how much baby weighs- Baby clothes manufacturers are slowly moving away from putting children’s clothes in monthly ranges and more towards weight ranges because the estimate of a newborn (or any child) being within a certain weight range is not always effective. This tip works better if it is a baby welcome because the baby has been born but if you are buying a gift for a baby shower then rather you buy something that is big because baby will wear it at some point rather than something small as baby may not be as tiny as you thought he/she would be.
  5. Calculate the seasons- If you plan on buying clothes that baby will wear when they are much older, calculate what season you will be in when baby reaches the stage you are buying clothes for. We got a lovely gift of shorts and vests that you could swap around and they were very cool I must say but by the time our son was big enough to wear them we were unfortunately smack in the middle of winter after which he had a crazy growth spurt so when spring came he was too big for them.
  6. Buy a pack of disposable diapers- In years gone by, it was the rule that every baby shower/welcome gift should come with a cloth nappy but as more people move to disposable diapers, I recommend that you add a pack of these to your gift. Check for unscented ones. If you buy a jumbo pack, this can actually be your gift.
  7. Throw in a few packs of wipes- This is the same as the above point. If the wipes are not used on the baby because he/she has sensitive skin then they will used to clean hands before carrying baby, to clean toys, the clean something! They are very handy and every parent would appreciate them.
  8. Consider a cash gift or a gift card- This enables the parents to buy what they would really like for their baby. Giving them the freedom to do that is better than the uncertainty of whether or not they’ll like your gift.
  9. Buy something for mommy- It’s a baby shower but mommy has been doing a lot of work too so a gift card for a pregy massage, hair do, mani/pedi is a good choice of gift. If you buy bath salts and oils, stay away from the ones that have rosemary as this may be dangerous to the pregnancy.
  10. Team up with a few people to buy a big gift- A little bit, put together, can go a long way. If you want to buy a baby crib, chest of drawers or some other kind of big, expensive gift but cannot afford it on your own, why not get a few people together and each contributing a small amount, can buy the gift together.


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