The Handshake Is Backward – Fist Bump Is Progressive

The Handshake is something I hate with a passion and I’m pretty sure the majority of you don’t like handshakes either. Maybe after reading this article slightly more people will favor fist bumps over handshakes…

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Handshake VS Fist Bump – Who is the clear winner?

People in most parts of the world have almost always shaken hands as a way of showing respect towards each other when greeting. Surely as we evolve and new customs develop, we don’t need to be stuck on the handshake as the ultimate form of greeting. There is the fist bump for example that as most would agree achieves the very same thing but with more reasons to use it over the traditional handshake – IT’S MORE HYGIENIC.

Let’s face it, the handshake is not the most sanitary way to say hello and show respect. How many times have you noticed someone go into the washroom/rest room and complete “number 2” and then walk out of there like nothing just happened… like they just went in there to pray. Then that same individual insists on shaking hands as a form of respectful greeting while they potentially spread a million germs to you. With the Cholera outbreaks especially in Zimbabwe surely it should be standard now to not shake hands.

I am not a scientist nor am I a doctor but I will bet any money that if we did a study on which greeting spreads more germs between the handshake and the awesome fist-bump, the traditional handshake will prove to be the most effective way to spread Cholera and other germs. So why are we stuck on continuing to try and perfect the handshake for interviews, business meetings and virtually any gathering. The only time we temporarily favor the fist-bump is during a Cholera outbreak – why can’t we favor the fist bump permanently?

This is a case of what you don’t know could literally kill you!!!

Our greeting methods should allow us to catch up on stories without catching harmful microbs in the process. We use the palm of our hands and fingers to touch just about anything and so it’s obviously likely to be the dirtiest part of our bodies and yet we feel respected when someone else takes that dirty part of their body and rubs it against our clean hands that we also use for eating – yuck!!!

The handshake relies entirely on trusting that the person you are shaking hands with also washed their hands when they finished using the bathroom, or visiting with a sick friend etc. So when it comes to handshakes we are suddenly an honest and trusting community?

The solution is simple. The entire global village should just ban handshakes and we would have healthier communities and fewer hospital bills. We certainly would almost immediately reduce the spread of most of these communicable diseases. Eventually the fist-bump will become socially and culturally acceptable.

Do you prefer to shake hands or to fist bump? Do tell in the comments below…

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Farai C
Farai C

I thought this was a crazy article until I started paying attention. Shaking hands is DISGUSTING!