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Online Shopping Cart

I love the services from zimshoppingmalls and especially your vision. I know that our online shopping experience will continue to get even better through the zimshoppingmalls network. Could you urgently create a way to easily add items (products and services) we want to purchase to a zimshoppingmalls online shopping cart so that we can easily process our orders online and payments as well. I know that you said you are working on this feature but please please ndapota vanhu vamwari, can we have this feature in JUNE or better yet THIS WEEK!!! We want to be able to place our orders to different sellers online through ZimShoppingMall.com without necessarily going to each individual seller – TOO MUCH WORK!

I know that the ZimShoppingMalls team will come up with a solution this month because you are awesome. kkkk

lodzawacho 0 Added 2 years ago