Strive Donates House To Heroine – The Untold Story

Strive Masiyiwa donates house and US$1000 monthly allowance to heroine gogo (grandmother) was the buzz on social media last week following Strive’s generous gesture to a gogo from Highfields that walked about 16km carrying a sack-full of pots to donate to Cyclone Idai victims. She delivered her donation to the Highlands Presbyterian Church that was collecting and sorting donations.

Some reports said the elderly lady couldn’t afford to pay for public transport to deliver her donation so she walked; an incredible display of selflessness.

The untold story in all this is how Strive came to realize he could do more… There is a big lesson every Zimbabwean must learn from this. In a simple note to Strive, Dzokerai also known as Nathalie Minya Mukome, taught all of us that perhaps the greatest contribution is educating each other. If we educate and enlighten each other then we allow our fellow citizens to realize opportunities to do greater and be exceptional. Positive criticism will always build and we must commend Strive, as expected, he rose to the occasion and also taught us that no matter how much money you make (even a billion dollars), you can still learn from others.

Meet Dzokerai Mu

Dzokerai Mu Nathalie Minya Mukome zimbabwe zimshoppingmalls

Dzokerayi Mu aka
Nathalie Minya Mukome

Dzokerayi Mu is a philanthropic community organizer and founder of Tese Foundation which is a non-profit that aims to assist students with tuition, uniforms and sanitary-wear in Zimbabwe. She is a regular follower of Strive Masiyiwa and has been a strong advocate for the World to look at the situation in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi following Cyclone Idai and effectively assist.

Africa is rarely covered in international tabloids and her desire was to help spread the news to the World about the devastation caused by the deadly Cyclone Idai. Earlier last week, Dzokerai commented on Strive Masiyiwa’s coverage of the cyclone and highlighted a grandmother who carried her own pots to the donation site for the victims. She could never have imagined that her simple comment would spiral into a huge blessing for the grandmother.

Asked why she even commented, Minya responded:

I was deeply moved by this Grandmother because it reminds us that we all can do something to help. The whole World should pause and take a lesson from that woman. As they always say; in the midst of a crisis, always look for the helpers.

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The Strive/Dzokerai Conversation

Below is an excerpt of her conversation with Strive as posted by Dzokerai Mu on her Social Media account…

#DzokerayiMu writes

Strive Masiyiwa you forgot the biggest humanitarian of all is that woman in your photo credit. Gogo walked all the way from her home in Fiyo because she didn’t have money for a combi but she packed her saga on her head and walked to highlands to donate the saga full of pots. #heroineofourtime

My reply,
You are absolutely right!
Gogo came to GIVE!
This is the biblical “widow’s mite”!
She gave more than us all!

What she did is one of the most remarkable acts of compassion I have ever seen!

When this is over, I’m going to find her, and invite her to come and see me, if possible:

I will spend time in prayer with her!
It will have solar power and running water!

I admire people who are moved to ACT in a crisis!

God bless you if you are moved to ACT as she did.
It is not about how much you have.

How many young men and even women in their cars watched her carry that sack, and never asked to help?

This is how you miss the Angel of God…

Thank you Strive for this incredibly generous gesture to the Highfields Gogo.

The Highfields Grandmother has taught us that you don’t have to be wealthy to help a fellow Citizen. Patriotism is about your love for your nation so much that you are willing to share the little you have even if it makes you slightly uncomfortable.

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