Statement From The Chiriseri Family

We’d like to thank an endless list of people worldwide for your prayers, support, direct contributions and involvement over the last two months of this “trying” period for the Chiriseri Family, His Presence Ministries International Church, and those close to them.

Both Harare and Bulawayo funeral services were phenomenal…filled with the peace that accompanies the manifest presence of GOD Himself and the supernatural joy that has been our strength, that comes from the surety of our faith, our expected end, the love of GOD and the Godly legacy our Dad left us.

One thing that comforts us greatly is the way our Dad and Apostle lavished us with love, confidence and leadership guidance, we have no regrets. The way he left our family and God’s family in such divine order continuously awes us.

Apostle Charles Chiriseri continues to win souls even in his death
We have received numerous testimonies of re-dedications and new commitments to Christ through the testimony of Apostle Chiriseri’s life – viewed by many on you tube as well as those that were present. Unbelievable levels of an eternal perspective to life, forgiveness, faithful service, integrity, honesty, humility, patience, Godly love, uncompromising principle, a happy marriage and solid family values were what we can summarise as his Godly legacy. He spent all he had pouring it into the extension of God’s Kingdom. The consistent message of this powerful servant of God was depicted in the send-off celebrations. We thank you for being part of it.

GOD’s glory will continue to be revealed and everything the devil meant for evil, GOD will turn for our good. This we know without a shadow of doubt.

We pray God’s richest blessings to all our beloved Chiriseri and Kumalo aunts, uncles and cousins, our family His Presence Ministries International Church, Bishop Colin and Senior Reverend Sarah and Harvest House International, Pastors Tom and Bonnie Deuschle and Celebration Church International, Archbishops Baba and Amai Guti and ZAOGA Forward in Faith, FCC church, Pastors Len Marillier from Canada, Dr Nevers Mumba, former vice President of Zambia, Former Minister of Home Affairs, Mr Dumiso Dabengwa and other Zimbabwe Government Ministers and arms of State who came to visit our mum in hospital and or attended both services, the Ministry of Women Affairs for the lovely pull up banner, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission – ZHRC.

To our long time friends Mr and Mrs Temba Musekiwa, to colleagues and mentees of Apostle Charles, all the Apostles, Bishops, Pastors, Prophets and Ministers and to all the sons of Apostle Chiriseri from all over Africa, UK, Europe and USA; to all our sister churches including Bishop Baba Manjoro of Faith World Ministries, Bishop and Pastor Chichi Bismark of Jabula New Life Covenant, the EFZ, Baba Mkwananzi, Assemblies of God, Cuthbert Chidoori and the network of Former UZ students, Pastor Xola Nzo, Bishop Mananga of PAOZ, Amai Dr Rutendo Wutawunashe and Family of God and Church members from all denominations who stood with us. Thank you Family Covenant Church, ZITF, Pastors Ndlovu of Marys Restaurant, Mrs Ncube from Lilifields, and Mr Mataranyika owner of Nyaradzo for your generosity and flawless services.

Thank you for the strong support of our family and friends in the USA, the comforting Ministry of AME, SDA and many other churches worldwide, from friends and family in Christ, for the phone calls, texts, visits and prayer support – the reports of your prayers got to us; Legacy International School Directors, High Achievers Coach Directors and student representatives, Nurses and Drs at Mater Dei, especially Dr Macheka, CIMAS, ZBC, The Herald, Chronicle, H Metro, Daily News and all other newspapers and online publications…
May you not have room enough to receive!

To the body of Christ we pray that GOD releases His love, healing, courage and boldness as you continue to serve the Living God.
May you not fear, not for your lives, nor for your protection, not for your future nor anything else. Life belongs to the loving, merciful and faithful GOD we all serve.

In Him we live, move and have our being. Nothing happens without His consent. All things are sustained in Him, the First Born of all creation.

Ours and yours is to serve the Lord like our Dad did – with every breath and everything we have, everything we are; to walk not after the flesh but in the Spirit, in GOD-ordained purpose and consistent obedience to the Holy Spirit. Then we too will be celebrated at our departure, leaving our families strong, at peace, our affairs in immaculate order and the people still in this world in awe of the glory and power of our GOD that brings true repentance and eternal salvation.

Maintain the Eternal Perspective.
All else is sinking sand.

Our mum, Commissioner Senior Pastor Petunia gets stronger every day, her healing is being completed. She looks forward to the removal of the thick POP cast after which she hopes she can travel to our home in Harare. Thank you for your continued prayers. She values you and cherishes every prayer.

Nothing will fill the physical and emotional void left in us as a family.
Dad is irreplaceable, a wonderful father, companion and confidante full of wisdom. We will miss playing sixty seconds and monopoly, the outings and the ice cream, his booming voice and infectious laughter. We will love him eternally.  It’s difficult to picture life without him… but like our mum said, we choose to take one day at a time with Jesus. So we look to Christ instead, focusing on that for which He apprehended us – pressing on to the goal and prize of our calling in Christ Jesus.

As the shock of his departure is being replaced by the shock of the complete peace and strength we feel in the places where pain and despair should reside inside us, we give God all His glory.


We will serve the Lord Jesus Christ all our days here on Earth and we will dwell in the House of the Lord forever. Psalm 23 is what Mum and Dad taught us from our days of infancy.

Dad always said:

Me and the sons the Lord has given me are for signs and wonders”…and we are are amazed to see we have just been launched into this new season – the season of the supernatural!

So watch this space.

Forever in His service, in Christ and with love,
The Chiriseri Family

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May his soul rest in peace. Comfort and prayers to the family.