Spray Paint: Tips For Doing It Like a Boss

The title for this article is quite misleading; makes me look like I am a kool writer when really I am not that witty… Anyways let’s get to the meat of this article. I find in Zimbabwe we are not as crafty as we probably can be. Most people don’t have a garage with tools they can use to build their own deck, garden chairs, fix damaged areas around the house. We are so quick to call someone to come and fix our homes when we could fix some of these things ourselves and use the time to bond with our family as well; kill two birds with one stone.

This article will focus on an activity most of us have tried and given up on or perhaps never tried but really should have tried. I’m talking about using spray paints to revive our furniture for example. That old patio furniture looking rusty can look brand new and in fact you can get creative with it and create a marvel everyone in the hood will be admiring. So I hope after reading these tips on how to spray paint like a boss you will be inspired to roll-up your sleeves and get dirty;)

Ok before you decide not to read on; I am not talking about 10 hours of hard labor here. It will literally take you a few minutes to turn that boring white patio furniture into something colorful and fruity… perfect for this summer. And the beauty is once you have completed one furniture make-over project, you will be back here commenting on how addicted you are to spray paint make-over projects thanks to this article, and how everyone now calls you for home make-overs! Hey, you could start a little home make-over business – why not???

NOTE: You don’t have to be a PRO to paint like a boss! Just read these tips:

Protect Your Lungs

This is extremely important to ensure you don’t breath in paint fumes. Paint in a well ventilated area or even better outdoors. If possible wear a mask in addition to further protect you just in case some of those paint fumes try to escape into your breathing path. Avoid using a fan.

When In Doubt Use Primer

I am posting this tip second because if you get this wrong then you may get frustrated when your finished make-over does not look like you expected. Primer will get the surface ready for your final paint; it helps the final paint to stick better and also brings our the final color better than if you don’t use a primer. If you are concerned about the primer not sticking to the surface you could roughen it a little with very fine sandpaper although not necessary in most cases.

Picking The Right Color

spray-paint-cans-bhola-hardware-zimshoppingmalls-findaproductThis is by far the hardest part of your make-over project! Some people are just naturally gifted (artistic) and will almost always pick the right color for the job. The best part about spray painting is that it’s really easy to do-over or undo. So… don’t be afraid to try out the oranges and the yellows or bright green… just try whatever comes to mind because you may be pleasantly surprised by the final result. Go ahead and let the creative child in you out to play😉

Pick The Right Paint Finish For The Specific Project

As if choosing the color wasn’t hard enough, you then have to decide on the finish of the paint. Don’t stress because remember what we said above… spray paint is easier to re-do. You can choose a matte finish or a glossy finish for example. Matte is a bit dull but a beautiful finish on specific types of jobs that need a gentle appearance. Your other choices include metallic and gloss paints depending on the final look you are after. If you are painting your rims and want that shiny silver to really stand out then perhaps a metallic or gloss finish is more ideal. Go ahead and have fun with different paint finished on one object.

Now that you are done with choosing the paints it’s time for you to get the job done like a boss…

Spraying Your Object

  • The golden rule here is to remember that “Several thin coats are better than a couple think ones“.
  • Thin coats dry quicker and are less likely to run meaning you won’t need to sand them down later. Before you begin your master-piece, shake the bottle and spray from a distance of about 20cm. This is a safe distance that will also ensure less overspray.
  • Be aware of your surrounding so as to avoid overspray on your car, pets or kid. A good idea is to hold a piece of cardboard when spraying at an angle or to place one underneath your object when spraying downwards so as to avoid overspray on your beautifully manicured lawn or driveway for example.
  • Spray from all angles especially when the object you are spray painting does not have an even or smooth surface; true for most household furniture items that you may be spray painting. Complete a thin layer from the left to the right then give it time to dry before completing the right to left thin layer and again let that dry before completing a top to bottom thin layer and so on… Objects with lots of crevices and crannies will require much meticulousness and a thorough inspection before finishing the spray paint job.
  • This last tip will make you pull your hair out with frustration if ignored. It’s very important to ensure that your area does not have too much dust or animal hair that can stick to your wet paint. Ants are another nuisance that you may run into so make sure that your working area is free of ants or other little critters than might make their way onto your master-piece.

You can purchase your Ameen Spray Cans for just $1.16 at Bhola Hardware in Harare. Click HERE for directions to Bhola Hardware Stores across the country.

Last but not least, make sure you share in the comments details about your next make-over spray paint project.

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lol i needed these tips heheheh money saver