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Snatch and grab of mobile phones is generally on the rise. The reasons for this… well, that’s a conversation for another time. Let’s focus on what you can do to protect yourself against phone snatch and grab criminals because if they have not visited you yet; they probably will soon do that. My point is, no one is immune to this crime so better be safe than sorry…

You are on a morning jog while listening to your favorite music on your mobile, or you are waiting for your ride so in trying to kill time you whip out your smartphone and get consumed in Facebook news feeds, or you are at the traffic lights and fully consumed by this article (sitting in the passenger’s seat of course)… and suddenly… snatch!!! In less than 7mili-seconds, your phone is snatched and gone to find a new home.

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Every one of us does the above and without realizing that to smartphone snatch & grab thieves, we are making their criminal jobs easier; like snatching candy from a kid! I’m almost certain that you have seen or heard of the increase in this form of crime over the past few months… Before you say we need more police on the streets, let’s focus more on you! What can you do to protect yourself from this growing crime?

Tips That You Need To Know

  • Resist toying with your phone unnecessarily in public. If you don’t need to use it, put it away!
  • If you really have to make a call, make it quick so that it doesn’t distract you from what’s going on around you
  • Instead of snooping on social media while you wait for your ride, read a book instead
  • Don’t parade your expensive phone because you become an easy target
  • Use hands-free devices while your phone is safely tucked away somewhere safe
  • Be aware of your surroundings even when traveling in a car because with your window rolled down it’s very easy for snatch and grab thieves to get away with your phone especially at the traffic lights or intersections
  • Snatch and grab has a cousin called smash and grab; mostly this occurs at traffic lights often at night when you are blinded by the smartphone light from seeing perpetrators approaching your car in the dark
  • Instead of playing music from your expensive phone, use a tiny mp3 player that can be hidden on your person making it difficult for anyone to grab quickly
  • When going for a jog, take a friend or two; there is strength in numbers
  • Travel on busy roads where others can quickly come to your rescue should a criminal attempt to rob you
  • Get together with your community and create a Neighborhood Watch program so that you deter thieves from your community (approach your nearest police station for assistance on this)
  • Make sure you keep your IMEI number safely stored at home so that you can provide the authorities with this number if your phone is stolen. Your IMEI number is a unique code tied to your specific mobile gadget. To get your IMEI number on your mobile dial *#06#
  • Turn on the security features on your phone like the keypad lock
  • Consider installing an anti-theft app as they could help authorities track and recover your stolen phone

The above tips will reduce the risk of you being targeted by mobile phone snatch and grab thieves. Remember to not confront thieves and put your life in danger… Gadgets can be replaced but your life is a lot more precious.

If your phone or anything of yours is stolen 1) immediately report to the nearest police station, 2) Change all your passwords and 3)post your lost or stolen item for FREE on where your item will be shared on various social media platforms and Google in the hope of helping police recover your stolen item. BUYING STOLEN PROPERTY IS A CRIME!!! Verify that you are not buying a stolen phone and remember to report individuals selling stolen goods to the police.

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