Shopping Convenience In Zimbabwe

Convenience – Discounts – Google Maps – Everything Else

Most people will tell you that the Zimbabwean market is not ready to use technology to find what they are looking for or to shop online BUT the reality is that the market has been ready for a few years now.  What was missing was a dependable platform to allow shoppers to effectively shop online and deliver the same and better efficiency that the traditional method of physically going into a shop and making purchases. In our busy lives, yes “busy”, has virtualized traditional shopping habits so that we as Zimbabweans can finally scream CONVENIENCE, CONVENIENCE, CONVENIENCE!!!

Technology is supposed to make life easier and everything else more convenient. Imagine you are running late for a dinner and you have not purchased a dress for the occasion, ZimshoppingMalls enables you to quickly look for those who sell dresses and find the dress you want and pay for it online and have it delivered by the time you finish showering! NOW THAT’S CONVENIENCE! This is just an example of ZimShoppingMall’s capabilities…

We can give you a thousand examples of what you can do but we prefer that you have fun and play around with the system. Read the About Us, the Customers Must Read, Retailers Must Banner468x60_5Read sections of this platform then play around and try to find the products you are looking for and businesses at specific shopping malls or shopping centres in Zimbabwe. After that try to find discount coupons that help you save money on purchases you want. Then view jobs posted by businesses listed on… There is so much you can do. This is the future of shopping available right now, right here in Zimbabwe.

Experience the future now…

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Wow! I thought I was going to be the first one to comment here lol. I have been waiting for a while for this platform to come back online:( My best friend always “sando dzako” when I do something great and I guess I can say to you ZimShoppingMalls “sando… Read more »


Wow! This is an amazing platform! Love the ease of use and everything is exactly where you expect it to be. Thanks for improving on the platform zim shopping malls. Now we will use it even more than before. zvakuzofaya manje