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Mostly our resolutions are often unsuccessful. If you know that, then you can figure how to make them successful instead.

Let me tell you this “Failure is not only about willpower or lack of effort. It also has to do with the way that you approach resolutions.”

1.Set intention, not “musts”
Resolutions tend to come with a “should” or “have to”, we rebel against these directives according to Nona Jordan a coach who is known as the “business yogini.” I think of resolutions as intentions. “An intention is an aim -a direction in which we are moving. There is no set point or date by which to achieve.”

2.Connect with your “why”

Ask yourself, ” Why do you want what you want?” If your answer includes a “should” or a “have to”, scrap the goal. ” When we have an intention that is a deep desire and we can identity and stay connected to that WHY, it makes for meaningful and achievable resolutions that create happiness in our lives and the lives of those around us.”

3. Get out of your own way

Just setting an intention isn’t enough if deep down you don’t think you can accomplish it in the first place. The biggest misconception is that a good intention can overcome lifelong habits of thought and behavior. Positive change comes not from pushing through with determination and perseverance ,but rather through getting out of your own way, meaning clearing up any negative thought pattern we carry about ourselves, or capacity for change.

4. Think of a theme

Every year l create a theme for myself, or “a one or two word mantra that support me in moving towards being more of the person l want to be. You have to stick to your theme.

5. Set goals that are in line with your values

A strong resolution with a solid chance for success bridges that gap between values and actions. Identify your core values, take your top five and use them to create a personal mission statement.

6. Ditch deprivation

People tend to approach new year’s resolutions from a place of deprivation restriction and punishment. Remember your goals shouldn’t be trying and uncomfortable but exactly the way you want this part of your life to look and feel like.

7. Check with yourself

You have to set weekly intentions which you can assess at the end of the each week. Look at what went wrong and celebrate on the successes.

8. Chop up each goal

Big goals are overwhelming, so sit down and consider, ” easy mini-steps” that you can take. Make sure they’re reasonable and attainable.

9. Pitch perfection

Too high expectations paralyze people, ensuring that you’re too overwhelming to start or maintain your goals. Perfect is our imperfection

10. Create a goal-friendly environment

A common hurdle in accomplishing our goals is creating the settings and circumstances that cultivates them. A resolution that results in real change requires a shift in priorities.

New year’s goals get bad rap mostly because we set restrictive resolutions that don’t honor our values or ourselves. Take time to set your resolutions don’t just rush them. I am hoping the above tips are going to help you create nourishing , positive and lasting goals.

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