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If you are a parent then you know how difficult it can be to find an appropriate school in Zimbabwe, for your child. Even as adults it can be difficult to find the right school for adult classes, or to find the appropriate local college or university. The internet is packed with international schools and very little or INCOMPLETE data for Zimbabwean schools. And for schools, you know how costly and difficult it can be to get your school brand visible to Zimbabweans and the region. Imagine if you were exposed to thousands of people every day… MORE IMPORTANTLY, Imagine that the right information about your school was visible to thousands of Zimbabweans and also the international community… is your answer! It’s more than a school directory…

Message to Schools – Why List your school :

  • Exposure to MILLIONS of searches by Zimbabwean parents:
    • looking for information about a particular school in Zimbabwe
    • looking for schools in a specific area in Zimbabwe
    • looking for particular types of schools in Zimbabwe
    • comparing schools in Zimbabwe
    • looking for information about schooling
    • looking for school holiday dates
    • looking for school activities
  • We place your school in the categories and geography that parents search in
  • Be seen when parents are looking for similar schools and nearby schools
  • Enhance your school name’s internet visibility through our improved SEO Google search results
  • Engage with parents and create additional awareness, interest and support by posting school news, events and accomplishments
  • FREE Webdesign* – a more engaging executive summary of your school profile
  • FREE Hosting
  • FREE SEO Optimization – is highly valued by Google as a longstanding secure authority and this is evident in our placement in searche results. This means that all our member schools benefit and automatically obtain high-level search results, even if your website is not properly optimized for searching
  • FREE School Online Store
  • FREE School Events Announcements & Advertising Platform – e.g. Open Days, Speech & Prize Giving Days (Award Ceremonies), Sporting events, Fundraisers etc.
  • FREE Online School Achievements Forum
  • FREE domain*
  • FREE professional email account* – e.g.
  • FREE Whatsapp + Facebook + Twitter Advertising*
  • FREE online training
  • Linking to social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Linkedin
  • Total eManagement Solution – we will update your school’s information on an annual basis

Make sure your school is listed so that parents find you easier, whether they are looking for your school, similar schools or nearby schools. Sign up now and SAVE on marketing your school to the right target market. Please contact us via for more information.

Message to Parents:

The school directory empowers learners and their parents to make the right decisions.

The searchable school directory database allows you to:

  • Search for a school in your area.
  • Compare relevant schools in your area based on factors that are important to you.
  • Research schools that you don’t know about and confirm details about schools that you do.
  • Find specialist schools – like boarding schools, special needs schools, home schools, boarding schools or boys / girls schools.
  • Find similar schools to your top choices.
  • Create and manage your favourite schools.
  • Find all the contact information for schools in one place including interactive google maps for easy directions.

The school directory database covers:

  • Creche, Nursery & Daycare Centres
  • Primary
  • High School
  • Universities & Colleges

You can also:

  • Find a tutor
  • Download study aids, past exams worksheets & workbooks (coming soon)
  • Ask questions of schools or other parents on our forums
  • Read articles, blogs, news, information
  • Find out school dates & holiday activities

Future Services:

We will soon be able to take you through your whole schooling career: right from the start of your schooling experience, all the way to university and EVERYTHING in between! will keep you informed about the Zimbabwean curriculum relevant to your grade and situation. Our future panel of Zimbabwean teachers, principals, psychologists, and other industry specialists will provide you with advice and tips for the important decisions you need to make next.

Remember to request functions and services through the platform…

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