Rowing the Midlife Boat with Martha

rowing the midlife crisis with martha zimshoppingmalls

If you are anywhere near or above 40 years of age, chances are you have heard about it. The MIDLIFE CRISIS. What is it? Is it inevitable? Or is it an invention of the media i.e. corporate advertising trying to sell us things we don’t need? (Not only do we not need these cosmetics and semi medical ‘treats’, but they are also downright insulting and sometimes even dangerous to us!)

Why do these two words – Midlife and Crisis – have to go together? The term even has a place in Webster’s Dictionary!!! Do you mean to tell me that all of us (and there are millions of us above 40) are making changes in our lives because of a CRISIS?

After reaching for my reading glasses (more on that in another post), I read: “A period of emotional turmoil in middle age characterized especially by a strong desire to change.”

CHANGE is one thing. It is necessary for growth. Change is good, and so is the desire to change. But turmoil? Why this word? Does change have to be fueled by turmoil? Or is this only when it refers to changes in midlife?

I know a number of people who have made changes around this time. Why not? It’s a time of reflection, of having lived long enough to be able to look back upon our mistakes/desires/ unfulfilled dreams and make them happen now. It’s a time when we’re most likely to be most open to changes. Why? Because the distraction of raising children might be behind some of us now. Feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy are finally dispersing enough to give us forward momentum. Experience has paved the way for us to read our inner compass better and we have made discoveries we might not have ever experienced before.

Why not just call it the Midlife Change or Midlife Experience. Calling it a ‘crisis’ is such a misnomer. Wasn’t puberty enough torture? HELP!

Stay abreast with this Rowing the Midlife Boat experience as we will be talking about all the changes that occur in midlife… minus the word ‘Crisis.’

What midlife changes have you noted?

I’m interested in reading your thoughts on this matter below…
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