Road Users Association Moves To Approach Constitutional Court


With the financial support of the motoring community, the Road Users Association has moved forward in its commitment to challenge the bullying and corruption on Zimbabwe’s roads.

A comprehensive application has been drafted by David Coltart of Webb, Low and Barry, for bringing the matter to the Constitutional Court, contesting that the actions of the police are in contravention of five provisions of Zimbabwe’s Constitution. In addition, a Chamber application has been prepared for leave to directly approach the Constitutional Court without the matter first being heard in the lower courts.

The applications are currently with an Advocate in Harare for his opinion. We anticipate receiving this shortly and expect that our next update will be to inform the motoring community that the matter has been brought to the Constitutional Court. The goal is to achieve this before the end of the year. (Mr Coltart can be contacted on should any person have any queries about the nature of the case, the need for evidence and issues concerning funds required to institute the proposed court proceedings).


Road Users Association (RUA) is an informal organisation that was formed by legal experts, motor industry specialists and community leaders, to positively influence the unreasonable behaviour of the ZRP – in COURT.

Road Users Association (RUA) representatives have positively intervened at many roadside incidents, however the Association cannot assist at all roadside incidents of corruption and bullying. The Association does not have the resources – your donations have been directed to Webb, Low and Barry to fund the ConCourt action.

Road Users Association (RUA) will evolve, in the meanwhile we encourage and support community self-help groups. For advice feel free to email


Your donations received to date have covered the legal costs for preparation of the thoroughly researched Substantive and Chamber applications. Funding is now required for the Advocate’s opinion and then to present the matter to the Constitutional Court.

Your funding will enable WL&B, through Counsel, to achieve a positive outcome in the highest court in the land. With funding support, Road Users Association (RUA) will ensure justice for:

Every motorist who has been ‘over-charged’ by having fines imposed above the Schedule of Deposit Fines, as evidenced by the abundance of traffic ‘fine’ information captured on Road Users Association (RUA)’s Google Docs facility
The motorists who have lost their hard-earned cash at bogus ‘roadblocks’ through the opportunity created by ZRP’s habit of no longer carrying identification.

For the motorist who DID indicate change of direction, who DID stop at the stop street, who DID NOT touch the solid white line or DID NOT go through on amber. Only to be told “It’s my word against yours …”

ZRP have usurped the authority of the Legislature (Parliament) and the Judiciary. In other words, police are making the law, and enforcing it.

Every town in Zimbabwe has its favourite ‘villain’, whose ‘successful’ activities are known to ALL. It is up to the citizens of Zimbabwe to ensure the ENVIRONMENT that enables this behaviour is changed. In the opinion of Road Users Association (RUA)’s legal experts, this will be achieved through the Constitutional Court. It is YOUR funding support that will provide the best opportunity for a return to FAIR PLAY and the enjoyment of self-drive motoring in our beautiful country.

To be guided by the Word:

“ … Get ready to present your case in court: you will have your chance to speak. Let us come together to decide who is right” Isaiah 41:1 (GNB)
“It is not right to make an innocent person pay a fine; justice is perverted when good people are punished” Proverbs 17:26 (GNB)


Road Users Association (RUA) regrets and apologises for not responding to a large number of emails, due to the significant volume of emails received, with messages of support and signed statements recording ill-treatment at the roadside.

We will shortly launch a Facebook page with updates such as this, and a website with resources to assist motorists. All those who have emailed, will be added to the mailing list, to receive updates directly.


Account name: Big Sky Road Users Association (RUA) Account
Merchant account no.: 49035
Account no.: 0773 072 910

EcoCash payments will receive an acknowledgement text. Feel free to also email notification of an EcoCash payment to

Account name: Webb, Low & Barry Trust Account
Branch: Fife Street (Bulawayo)
Account no.: 1002829690

Account name: Webb, Low and Barry Trust Account
Branch: Joshua Nkomo Street (Bulawayo)
Account no.: 914 000 298 3604 (US$)
Sort code: SBICZWHX

IMPORTANTCABS and Stanbic payments: Please reference deposits Road Users Association (RUA) – 05/R031/001 and email PROOF OF PAYMENT to

The Road Users Association – In response to a collective demand from across Zimbabwe for ACTION.


Circular: 17 November, 2016

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