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reduce image size for zimshoppingmalls

Reduce Image Size is one of the most the consistent message most websites will communicate to their content creators. Sure there are tools websites can implement to automatically reduce images sizes so that users never have to worry about these challenges… Like Facebook for example, for the most part it automatically resizes images uploaded by users to ensure that images are not ridiculously big and hence affect the user experience while browsing Facebook.

There are other instances when everyday folks will need to reduce the size of their images because they can be allowed to use an application to either display or send the image or images. The ZimShoppingMalls Classifieds Listings section is one of these systems that prohibits users from uploading large images to ensure that the site remains fast and users don’t spent too much of their data bundles downloading images. We can tell you right now that before the end of 2017 this process will likely be automated just like it is on Facebook but until then here is a simple way to ensure that your images are reduced in size and ready for uploading onto any of the solutions under the ZimShoppingMalls network.

Images taken using your smart phone or a digital camera may look nice on your gadget but they are too large in most cases to use ‘as is” on the web. Microsoft Manager is an easy to use tool to reduce image size for web.

  1. After starting up Microsoft Office Picture Manager, you should see a list of folders that contains images on the
    left side of the window. If the folder that contains the image you need to resize is not listed, you can click on the “Add Picture Shortcut” link, located at the top of the list of folders. This will allow you to find the folder that you need
    and add it to the list. Click on the folder that contains your image and you should see your image in the main part of the window.
  2. Now click or select the image or images you want to resize and then click on the ‘Edit Pictures’ button located near the top mid of your screen.
  3. reduce image size zimshoppingmalls

  4. If you turn your cursor to the right side of the window, about half way down, you will notice the “Resize” link that you must click on to open the ‘Resize Settings’.
  5. reduce image size zimshoppingmalls compress

  6. In the ‘Resize Settings’ section, type the new width for your image in the ‘custom width x height section or select from the predefined custom width x height section. As you type the width, you will notice that Microsoft Office Manager will calculate the proportionally correct height for your image and display this information further down the page. Click on the “OK” button after you have entered the new dimensions.
  7. reduce image size zimshoppingmalls compress 3

  8. Scroll to the menu bar at the top of the window and click on “File” then click on “Save As”. This will allow you to save your new image with a different file name. Make sure you are saving the file in the correct location and that you don’t remove the “.jpg” file extension.
  9. reduce image size zimshoppingmalls compress 4
    reduce image size zimshoppingmalls compress 5

  10. When you Quit or Exit the Picture Manager application, it may ask you if you want to save changes you made to your original image.  You must click on “NO” so that your original image is not changed. NOTE: If you have a backup of your originals in a different folder then you can just say yes and in-fact you do not have to save the files with different names but overwrite the files since you have a backup in another folder.

We hope that you have found the above useful. Of course there are other ways to reduce image sizes…

The other option is to use FREE online tools that can help you reduce your image sizes. It’s important to note that this option requires an active internet connection and will use bandwidth so depending on your bandwidth limitations and the size plus number of images you need to resize this may not be a viable option for some people especially in Zimbabwe where bandwidth is still fairly expensive and limited…

What other ways do you optimize your images for web?

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