Reasons for a Caesarian Section

Also commonly known as a C-section is when baby is born through an incision on the mothers abdomen.

Scheduled C-section

Your doctor may schedule a C-section no earlier if than 37 weeks for one of the following reasons-

  • If you’ve had more than one C-section
  • If you had uterine surgery such as removal of fibroids
  • If you’re carrying more than one fetus
  • If baby is in breech (bottom first) or transverse (sideways)
  • If you have HIV and blood tests done close to delivery show that you have a high viral load
  • If you have placenta previa (when the placenta is so low that it covers the cervix)

Emergency C-section 

A C-sections may be performed in response to an unforeseen complications which make inducing or continuing labor dangerous for you and for baby such as-

  • If your baby’s heart rate is concerning
  • if baby stops moving down the birth canal
  • if contractions have stopped and methods to get contractions going again have not worked
  • If the umbilical cord slips through your cervix (prolapsed cord). This can cut off baby’s oxygen supply
  • If your placenta starts to separate from your uterine wall (placental abruption), which means your baby won’t get enough oxygen unless he/she is delivered right away.

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