Pregnancy Week 9 – 40 Weeks

Pregnancy Week 9 – 40 Weeks

I should have posted this article last week but life happened. I will post this week’s article a few days from now. I hope you are enjoying my series…

Baby’s fingers and toes are now forming. The eyelids are also in place although they’ll remain closed for several months. The head is larger than the body because brain is developing rapidly and brain waves can now be measured. I can’t help but imagine what amazing, world changing ideas that little brain will come up with. It’s all very exciting!
Back to reality… The nausea has really taken it up a few notches especially after eating. I’ve confiscated my dear husband’s pillow so I can sleep propped up and I must say, I’ve slept better than I have in days. Can’t say the same for hubby though. I have to remind him that WE are pregnant which means WE share in the struggle. LOL

I’ve also been having abdominal period like cramping because the uterus is expanding causing the ligaments and muscles to stretch. A warm (not hot) water bottle on my tummy is very soothing as it relaxes the muscles much like when I’m having an actual period. The warm water bottle helps with back pain too which has been coming on and off this week. Hope this helps if you’ve been experiencing the same.

Baby is now the size of a grape. Hmm, all of a sudden I’m craving grapes, seedless red ones which I can eat out in the winter sun. I have to be specific in case someone who knows what’s up, happens to bump into this. Maybe they’ll surprise me during their next visit. LOL. What are some of the things you’re craving? Share with us in the comments below.
Tip of the week: For nausea, eat smaller more frequent portions and allow about an hour after your meal before lying down. For aches and pains, keep a warm water bottle nearby. It will also warm you up. 2 birds, 1 stone.

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