Pregnancy Week 8 – 40 Weeks

Pregnancy Week 8 – 40 Weeks

So I went for my first prenatal visit today and have scheduled my first scan for week 12. We went through my medical history, did a series of physical tests as well as a blood and urine test. Results for this should be out soon. They’ll show my HIV status, blood type & Rh status among other things. (A more detailed article coming as soon as results are out).

I was also given a run through on what to and not to eat. Safe to say the article ( covers this in detail so be sure to have a look at it. Since I had already been taking iron supplements she has recommended I switch to prenatal vitamins which contain iron and not take both because too much iron is dangerous for the baby. I may have to pick up the iron sups again at around 21 weeks when pregnant women are more likely to get anaemia if they don’t receive enough iron.

I was told my recovery from the first csection is good and if there are no complications she is happy to let me try for a VBac (vaginal birth after csection). That was really good news because although I’m a total woos and I’m anxious about labor pains, I did not like that I missed the first moments of my first child’s life because I was drugged up from surgery. Also the lengthy recovery was not fun.

Baby is now the size of a rasberry and is practicing movement although I haven’t felt anything and might not for another 12 weeks or so. My husband says he felt movement when he touched my belly which hasn’t really grown at all. I told him that what he probably felt was just gas LOL. He’s not convinced.

I’ve also been peeing a lot. Like 12 times a day. It’s quite annoying to be honest. And when the need comes, it doesn’t really give you 5 minutes to casually walk over to the loo. I have to jump up as soon as I feel it. Speaking of which, I need to go right now, no joke…

Ok I’m back. So this week’s Tips
1. Drink lots of water. You’re loosing a lot and need to replace it. Yes, it means it’ll be a cycle of drinking and peeing but you really don’t want to be dehydrated so do what you need to do mom.

I’ve made it 2 months. 7 more to go. Yikes, December just come already!

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