Pregnancy Week 6 – 40 Weeks

pregnancy 40 weeks week 6
As I was counting down the days till I could take the pregnancy test I kept thinking how it’s actually not that simple to get pregnant. Women who have been on contraceptives for long periods of time like I have been, have to wait for months and sometimes years for their cycle to normalize. We waited a full year from when I stopped using contraceptives before trying and we missed it last month but I think we got a winner this time. There are just so many variables at play in the journey to trying to conceive; The blood types of the parents have to work together not against each other. Ever heard of someone who just doesn’t seem to get pregnant with their partner but after a painful divorce or other circumstances they find their way to someone else and then conceive? And even their ex manages to have a baby with someone else as well. It’s not witchcraft like some people might think… It could be blood types that don’t work well together (a more detailed article on this issue coming soon). So the cycle is normal, the blood types are ok now to time it just right based on how long your cycle is and when you ovulate then hoping 1 of those 350 million soldiers/sperms will fertilize my egg. It’s an intricate process.

I took the pregnancy test! The test confirms what my body has already been screaming at me! I’M PREGNANT!!! Now to think of when and how to tell my loved ones.

I might try this instead – Pregnancy News Week 6 - 40 Weeks it’s too hilarious! According to my last menstrual period (LMP) and estimation of date of conception my expected date of delivery (EDD) is 7 December which honestly feels like forever from now! I find that I’m exhausted all the time and this is apparently because of baby’s rapid growth. I sneak off to take short naps every chance I get and it helps a lot! I remember hiding in the tea room just to get 15 minutes of shut eye during my first pregnancy. At least it was on my break and it stopped me from falling asleep while chatting to clients, LOL. This week baby is the size of a pea and the pipe shaped heart is now beating. 6 more weeks till my first scan and I’ll be able to see you and hear that little heart beat my baby… or babies. I can’t wait!

How did you find out you were pregnant and how did you break the news? Share with us in the comments below – I could use more ideas.

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