Pregnancy Week 5 – 40 Weeks

pregnancy 40 weeks - week 5
Right now the embryo is about the size of a pinhead and has started releasing the HCG hormone into my bloodstream which is used as the basis for detecting pregnancy in a home pregnancy test kit. It is still very low though so I’ll have to wait till next week to take the test for more accurate results. In the mean time, I’ve been looking for ways to manage these dreadful symptoms and I’m happy to say that I’ve stumbled on a few things that seem to be helping.

When I get up, the first thing I am made aware of is this horrible metallic taste in my mouth. This, like all my other symptoms is caused by an increase of hormones running rampant inside me (rolls eyes). To restore the acid pH which gets rid of the taste, I immediately brush my teeth then gargle with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. It’s temporary relief but I’d rather feel better for a couple of hours than not at all. Consequently, I have to repeat the gargling every few hours and it works like a charm.

Now the thought of food makes me gag which is really sad because I have to cook 3 square meals a day plus snacks. My family is always munching. I’ve decided to cook in bulk and freeze food whenever I have the energy and to get rid of food smells I have put a small bowl of bicarbonate of soda in my fridge and white vinegar in small bowls on my windowsills. That, and pregnancy 40 weeks - week 5 sisusamikeeping windows and the outside door wide opened has made cooking more tolerable. I also discovered that bribing meat before you cook it makes it smell less because it washes off the blood which is what produces that strong odor. You basically put your meat in a plastic bowl and cover it with water and about 2 tablespoons of salt or vinegar for 20 minutes then throw out the water and rinse meat before cooking. Note: this may not work with minced meat/ground beef. Spices also help to mask the smell a lot!

It was also interesting to read Eating Right- Trimester 1 but it’s difficult to know what I can and cannot eat ahead of time so it’s really been a process of trial, error and elimination. The pregnancy supplements help because not being able to eat a lot of things had me worried about whether or not the baby was getting enough nutrients. It puts me at ease.

As for cleaning, i did mention last week that the smell of detergents also sends me running to the sink so I’ve been using bicarb of soda and lemon juice or vinegar in warm water for surface cleaning. That’s what our grandmothers used and it works just as good today.

Tip of the week: Substitute as much of what currently makes you sick as you can. Bicarb of soda is your friend.

What are or were some of your first trimester struggles and how did you cope? Share with us in the comments below and help improve someone’s pregnancy experience because let’s face it, “Making a human being is hard!” Quote from the movie What To Expect When You’re Expecting. Watch it and have a laugh.

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