Pregnancy 40 Weeks – Week 1-4

pregnancy 40 weeks - week 1-4

Pregnancy 40 Weeks – My Journey Week 1-4

Author’s Intro:

If you’re looking for stories about how pregnancy is perfect, full of sunshine and rainbows. How I’m sailing through and even glowing like some mystical pregnancy fairy then don’t follow this series! I’m going to be very honest. Sharing my joys AND my struggles because I believe that what I go through and what I learn from it may help a mom out there. There is no shame in admitting that pregnancy is not all roses. It doesn’t make me less of a woman and it sure as anything doesn’t mean I love my unborn baby any less! So let’s break the silence. Join me on my roller-coaster ride for the next 36 weeks. Enjoy and share with others.

Week 1-4 out of 40:

So missing my monthlies while having a ridiculously consistent menstrual cycle means one thing… I’M PREGNANT!!! Well I won’t know for sure for another 6 weeks which is when I’ll be able to take a pregnancy test. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat until my thoughts are clear. Now it’s time to document the next 40 weeks. 3 weeks ago I had warnings that Aunt-Flo was coming to visit and yet days went by and she didn’t come. Over the next 2 weeks my breasts became very tender, I developed what I call food smell induced nausea, loss of appetite and I could barely go about my day without yawning every few minutes.

The excitement had me wanting to wash baby blankets and sheets something which my husband found “hilarious and very sweet.” He has been laughing at me about this for days now. I even started checking the internet for baby names and meanings in different languages. You can imagine how upbeat I was until the nausea and loss of appetite started. Every food smell makes me want to throw up. It is extremely difficult to cook or even eat and when I can’t eat, it worsens the fatigue because I’m not just tired but also very, very weak.

The smell of bath soap, lotion and even cleaning detergent makes me sick. I’m not happy about these new heightened senses at all! I am however grateful that I’m able to force feed and keep my food down and I’m praying that what I’m feeling doesn’t escalate into morning sickness. The other good thing is that because of constantly feeling like I’m going to bring up my stomach contents, I’ve been drinking lots of water. It helps, a little… I can’t wait for the first trimester to be over because they say I’m supposed to have more energy and be generally more upbeat in the second trimester. 8 more weeks…

When did you find out you were pregnant and what were your first few weeks like? Share with us in the comments below.

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