Pomona Shopping Centre – Service Lane/Pools

Thanks to Zimvine member, Elaine Pearson, for highlighting the predicament the tenants of Pomona Shopping Centre are in, regarding degradation of the service lane on the Borrowdale Road side of the complex. The tenants have been talking to the organisations capable of taking on this project for a while, without success. Hopefully, this is a turning point…

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The accompanying photos show that the extent of the damage, and that this is not a small undertaking. We all celebrated when Bitumen World resurfaced the road in March, 2017, with the expectation we’d enjoy a decent road for years. Sadly, just one year later, that section of the road is virtually undriveable. We understand this is a structural problem. Simply put, the rain water does not drain away but pools, and the road materials under the water break down. The road surface must be raised, and effective drainage put in place. Something beyond the capability of the tenants of Pomona Shopping Centre…

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On 15 March, 2017 we received advice through Councillor Rusty Markham, that Mayor Ben Manyenyeni (whose Ward Pomona falls in), confirmed The City of Harare will attend to the road “when there is a break in the weather”. We thank the Mayor for this commitment and will keep talking to CoH to ensure this happens ASAP.

In the meanwhile, the CENTRE IS STILL EASILY ACCESSIBLE. The affected area is about 100 metres long, directly in front of the complex. The centre can easily be accessed from the robots on the ZUVA side, and via the Village Walk robots, then past the POST OFFICE. Residents travelling from Mount Pleasant, Vainona, Pomona, etc. have direct access to the centre, and we are still well supported from those areas.

Secondly, we NEED YOUR SUPPORT and are HERE TO HELP. We are the same businesses that kept you out of trouble during the roadblock era, supplied you with the best biltong in Harare, provide copying and courier services, an efficient pharmacy, offer two unique furniture stores, and tasty breakfasts at a bargain price, etc., in a secure CCTV-monitored environment.

Updates on the road project will be posted on our Facebook page Pomona Shopping Centre – like the page to follow developments.

Thanks again to everyone for your interest in our predicament, and support during this challenging period.

Written by: Sean Quinlan from Big Sky Supplies
On behalf of the tenants of Pomona Shopping Centre

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