Point Of Sale Machines For ZRP

Traffic offenders will have no way out of paying the fine when caught on the roads in the next few months.
The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) will be arming its traffic personnel with ‘point of sale’ terminals, commonly known as swipe machines, to ensure errant motorists pay the penalties.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) says it has introduced point of sale machines at all traffic police stations countrywide to cater for payment of fines and penalties with specific time frames.

Groups of traffic police will be given training on how to operate the swipe these machines, which they would start using in the next few months.

Speaking on the developments, ZRP national spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said the introduction of the point of sale machines has been enforced due to the need for the organization to embrace plastic money.

The rollout of the swipe machines at all traffic police stations will help motorists who can now visit any police station to pay up their fines and penalties added Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba.

Charamba didn’t say if a separate account would be created to collect the fine recovered from the swipe machine. Or if it would be directly deposited into the government coffers. Due to the cash crisis motorists generally carry the debit or credit cards with them and it will be easier for them to pay the fine through the swipe machine.

She noted once successful the next roll out would see the point of sale machines being introduced at roadblocks to cater for spot fines.

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