Pastor Themba: Young & Charismatic

Meet Pastor Themba Ncube from Christ Tabernacle Ministries International. We got a chance to listen to a few of his sermons and agreed that he is knowledgeable in the Word and very charismatic. ZimShoppingMalls caught up with the young pastor to ask a few questions and introduce him to you, our readers…

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1. How did you become a Christian?
I believe people are not born Christians. One has to make a conscious decision to accept him as Lord and personal savior. As such I gave my life to Jesus in 2005 at a scripture union service back in high school. I still remember Evang Banqoe Vela had ministered a great sermon on Jesus’ second coming.

2. Describe your call to ministry.
I was born with God’s call over my life however I only discovered it about a decade ago. It’s been a great, inspiring and exciting journey for me. I was born again at a young age and was ordained a Pastor at Christ Tabernacle Ministries International in 2011.

3. What was the most positive aspect of your training for gospel ministry?
Training is the essential part to the success of any ministry. Of all the training I have been through, the best has been sitting and learning under the leadership of my life coach Bishop Sam Dube.

4. What is the most challenging aspect of being a minister of the Gospel?
Being misunderstood by the world. As a young man growing up in the ministry, you have people that view certain aspects of the faith as being old fashioned. We are however called to be the salt and light of the earth. To stand out for His Glory not to fit in.

5. How are you strengthening and growing your relationship with the Lord?
Ministry is a product of one’s personal life with the Lord. From all my busy everyday schedules, I always make quality time with The Lord a priority.

6. What do you believe your fundamental calling is as a pastor?
As a Pastor I subscribe to what the Lord said to the Apostle Paul..”Acts 26:16 Arise and stand upon your feet for I have appeared unto you for this purpose to make you a minister and a witness to things you have heard and seen and those things in which I will appear unto you…”

7. What do you do for fun?
I enjoy a lot of reading and writing. Currently working towards finishing my first book to be published possibly by June 2017. I have passion for tourism and I did a degree in tourism as such I also spend a great deal of time on the internet, researching trends in the tourism industry and how they can be implemented to build a better Zimbabwe. Above all I like doing my daily devotion “Morning Inspiration” It has become my friend.

8. How do you feel technology has influenced evangelism?
The world is now one global village through the introduction of great innovations. The world wide web and greater access to it through various devices, has made the spreading of the gospel easier. A considerable number of people can now receive the Good news from any part of the world. In this current wave of massive evangelism, technology remains a predominant factor.

9. What have you done as a pastor for your community?
We are involved in a number of community development programs. We do hospital visits and work with the old people’s home in Gwanda where we are based. With the help of the Forgotten Voices Organization, we also pay school fees for the less privileged.

10. What are your goals in ministry? (Your churches mission and vision)
I believe Christ’s coming is fast approaching and therefore, we need to do all we can to maximize the harvest and get his church ready for His soon coming. As Christ Tabernacle Ministries International we have a mandate of changing and nurturing the world for the kingdom of God. We mobilize and train people through the Kingdom Generals Network to be a part of this massive move. may His Kingdom come and His will be done. Amen!

Editor’s note: We have recently launched the Heroes & Spiritual Column on and are looking for pastors to publish regular articles. If you are a pastor and would like to be considered as one of the pastors that can publish articles and sermons please contact ZimShoppingMalls. We are excited to read Pastor Themba’s publications on the new Heroes & Spiritual Corner. Pastor Themba has also written a great article on Easter that will appear in our printed copy of on April 7, 2017 – Get your FREE copy or download a copy through on April 7, 2017.

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