Open Your World – Says Heineken

Open your world: Before you read this article. Would you say your political views are left or right wing?

Great job team Heineken – or is it? Advertising is a tough industry and it’s more challenging than ever to come up with an Ad that gets the attention of your target market and even harder to launch as Ad that actually goes viral globally. The latest Ad from Heineken is one of those Ads that is just perfect from the beginning to the very end. Whether you are a left wing or right wing, the fact of the matter is that the Ad gets a response even from the most introvert in the room.

Everyone has an opinion about almost everything and those opinions and beliefs are mostly governed by how you are socialized. Well… my point is that if we could only ‘truly listen’ to each other and try to understand someone else before we try to force our beliefs and opinions on them, maybe… just maybe… we may get along better in this world regardless of where or how one is socialized. In my opinion, this is the message from Heineken’s new #OpenYourWorld Ad besides the obvious message to buy their brand.

The Ad is actually something you would expect in a political campaign; yup! The message is that brilliant!!! The ‘Heineken Open Your World’ commercial features people that disagree on feminism, climate change, transgender concerns. Watch the Ad to see how these folks interact with each other prior to truly understanding their political views and their reactions after watching short videos on each other’s political views.

Would you have stayed to discuss over a beer? Could this approach solve the problems in Africa’s often deadly political differences?

Remember to drink responsibly and that alcoholism is a real problem that requires professional counseling to resolve.

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