One Hundred Trillion Zimbabwean Dollar Notes On eBay For US$3000

One Hundred Trillion Zimbabwean Dollar Notes making sellers lots of money on eBay – turnovers of over US$120,000.00 in some cases.

Since the hyperinflation in the late 2009 the RBZ issued $100,000,000,000,000 notes, and they barely paid for a loaf of bread. And from 2009 the value of these notes has not gone down. In Zimbabwe their value is equal to paper and in Europe and America their value is unbelievable.

Since 2009, Zimbabwe has used the US Dollar, the Zimbabwe Dollar was abandoned after hyperinflation of more than 5,000 percent made it fundamentally worthless. The adoption of the multiple currencies has led to a deflation rate of -2.3%, according to RBZ.

Zimbabwe used to print Z$100,000,000,000,000 notes (one trillion Zimbabwean dollars). Last year these notes could be exchanged for $0.40. But I was shocked when I visited eBay. The price for these notes is fetching these prices:

One Hundred Trillion Zimbabwean Dollar

Although people have primarily been using the US dollar, some people have been holding on to their Zimbabwean dollars, but very few know the value they have in their homes.

The one trillion notes are not the only Zimbabwe Dollar notes being sold on eBay, you can buy 50 Trillion Dollars, 10 Trillion Dollars, 50 Billion Dollars notes etc. I even noted old Rhodesia banknotes and they were selling at a good price.

Sell Your Notes Directly to eBay

So if you have those old notes and coins laying around the house, you can even sell them directly at eBay. It’s not as hard as many may have you believe. eBay is one of the top 10 most trafficked sites on the entire planet , so it’s no wonder that when that pang of entrepreneurial desire hits us, we head go to eBay.

You cannot start by selling a US$10 000 dollar item on eBay ,start small, selling cheap items that people are more likely to take a risk on then gather as much feedback and ratings as you can. Make sure to follow up on sold items with a message to the buyer requesting feedback.

Also make sure you charge postage fees to minimize your losses and weigh your package before listing the item. If you use PayPal incorporation, eBay even allows you to print off a prepaid postage label that you can then drop off at a post office. eBay also provides decent looking storefront templates for you to use.

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Cheryl Helberg

I have some old notes – from back when Zim still used notes like $10, $50, $100 etc

Charlie Norris


Audrey Shoshore Masuku

I have it

Roz Foster