No to baby Dumping

baby dumping sisusami
There has been a story going around on social media about a baby who was tied up in a plastic bag and flushed down the toilet only to be discovered after there was a blockage and plumbers came to sort it out. Now there has been a lot of cursing of the mother of this innocent child who, thank the Lord is still alive and any number of reasons could have led to the inexcusable act but this article is not for judging or acquitting the accused. Rather, the focus is on trying to spread the word that there are always more acceptable alternatives. This is in a bid to ensure that horrible acts such as this one, no longer happen. It’s just not right!

  1.  Abstain- If you are not ready to have a baby, the best way to avoid it is to just not have sex! Self explanatory.
  2. Contraception- If you can’t fight the urge then woman, please use a contraceptive! Condoms, loop, jadelle, depo and if you can’t afford these, for crying out loud, ask him to pull out! The excuse that religion does not allow you to use contraceptives does not apply here at all because honestly, contraception or baby dumping? It’s a no brainer!
  3. Lets say she was raped- Report the bugger. Let him get whats coming to him and have it taken care of. Anti abortionists will say its both killing but whats the lesser evil? We just don’t want to see any more dumped babies!
  4. Adoption- Fair and fine, adoption is not a very widely practiced custom in Africa with people concerned about blood lines and ancestral mysteries and all BUT there are people who do adopt. Seek out aid from adoption agencies or the Department of Social Welfare while you are still pregnant.
  5. If access to adoption agency or social welfare information is a challenge, have the baby and take them to an orphanage, a church, the nearest police station. They will assign a social worker to the case who will make sure the baby is taken care of.
  6.  OR, have the baby and run away from the clinic leaving the baby there if you must! Crazy, yes! But it’s not as crazy as tying them up and flushing them down the toilet!
  7. If you wanted the baby but your parents, guardians or whoever did not approve and will do this as an “intervention” or else they will kick you out, stop supporting you or whatever else they can threaten to do then pack what you own and walk out the door, baby in hand. The unknown is scary but you were able to have sex and carry a baby to full term so I’m assuming you are able bodied and can get a job. And none of this, “There are no jobs,” business. If you’re looking for a flashy high paying job from the get go dear woman you need to drastically scale down your expectations and look for a job that will feed you and your baby. It won’t be easy but you are not the first to go through this. You will survive! Again, a church may be a good place to offer your services in exchange for a place to stay and a meal or two while you get back on your feet. You may have to go to one away from your area if you fear ostracism and the likes.

There are always options! This article may seem a bit tough but it is just what someone out there needs to hear to discourage any future incidents like this one. Please share this. Help educate our sisters and save our future leaders!

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