Nandos Building Collapse Kills One

nandos building collapse bulawayo zim shopping malls
Nandos Building in Bulawayo collapsed over the weekend and, according to Bulawayo police, killed one person and several people were injured. The injured were transferred to Mater Dei Hospital, where reports indicate that, one of them passed away upon admission.

Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers at ZimShoppingMalls are with the families affected by this tragic incident. Social media was buzzing on Saturday and Sunday with people expressed mixed emotions; some were livid that a company as big as Nandos would renovate a building on to have it collapse a year after while others expressed their sympathies to the injured people and their families. There are unconfirmed reports that the company is launching an investigation into the building collapse.

Southern Zimbabwe was more affected by the Dineo Cyclone later downgraded to a Tropical storm as we reported late last week. Early speculation has been that the strong winds played a role in the Nandos building collapse. We will await results from the investigation and update the public via our ZimShoppingMalls online magazine.

As people wonder on whether the injured and the family that lost a loved one will get compensated or who is responsible we decided to researched some of the common reasons why buildings collapse and below are some of our findings:

  • Wrong or inappropriate material used
  • Bad workmanship
  • Bad Design
    • Foundation not matching the loads and founding conditions
    • No allowance of movement
    • No shear / buttresses walls
  • Roof tie downs insufficient
  • Rot and /or insect damage on timber buildings
  • Reinforcement omitted
  • Natural catastrophes
  • Bad or no storm-water control, eroding the foundations
  • Poor communication between the various design professionals involved
  • Compromises in professional ethics and failure to appreciate the responsibility of the profession to the community at large
  • Poor training of field inspectors

This list is not exhaustive but gives readers an idea of some of the questions the investigation might touch on in an attenpt to find out what happened.

Again our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the injured and those who sadly lost their loved one as a result of this incident. It’s always sad to see consumers injured in cases like these while out spending their hard earned money. We also keep Nandos in our prayers as they look into the matter that cost a life and injured several customers.

Who do you think is responsible when people are injured due to a building collapse?

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