My Strong Mom

I will praise you Lord with all my heart. I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done. I will be filled with joy because of you, I will sing praises to your name O most high. Giving thanks for the special lady you gave me. She’s a mother and a friend. My angel, my hero. She is my everything!

From the day she gave birth to me, she never left my side. She’s been there to watch and protect her little flower grow and to help me to be a better person in life. From my first steps into pre-school right up to college from which I am graduating this year. She has provided for my needs and she still does. She has sacrificed a lot in life to make sure that I lacked nothing.

Being a single parent was not easy but she has sailed through. My dad passed away when I was only in my second year of high school. It was hard and painful but I clearly remember her words to me which were to always trust in the Lord and to always seek His will in everything I do in life for He would show me the way. She also told me that we had to work as a team if we were going to make it. It was her and me in a pact, bound by love and determination and with the Grace of God we have and continue to conquer life’s obstacles.

Sandra's momMy mom had a great deal of trouble with me as most parents of a teenage girl can testify but she never gave up on me. Instead, mom would sit me down and try to reason with me and show me why my behaviour was undesirable and the possible negative consequences. She would also remind me of our pact and how I was letting the team down, then I would get punished which all in all used to work wonders as it got me back on track. Mom always protected me. She made sure she heard my side of the story first each time I got into trouble before making any conclusions. My boyfriend and I are so in love that we got caught up in the moment like love does and without a moments’ thought, we got engaged on Facebook which got family and friends talking. You can imagine her surprise because she didn’t know a thing. This was the first she had heard of it. I got into a lot of trouble with older members of the family for breaking custom and protocol but she was there to understand my silly story and protected me.

As a mother I know that she had great dreams for me, but she let me chase my own dreams and I am forever grateful that she still loves me, supports me and allows me to take my own path. That shows that she trusts me and believes that I have listened to her teachings and that I am mature enough to make the right decisions and I want to make another pact today that I promise I will not let you down! I want to be a person and live a life that will make you proud! I love and cherish you mom and I want to thank you for being both a mother and a father to me. I love you Rita Ndlovu. This also goes out to all the wonderful ladies out there who have taken on double the workload to make us, your children, better people in life. I love you all!

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Lovely article. Please let us know when you guys get engaged, for real 🙂