My Second Chance

mk rolland lunga accident zimshoppingmallsWhat started as a midnight (Saturday into Sunday) drive to Harare in a moment became the beginning of the biggest TRANSITION of my Life. Some kilometers after Shangani my life was almost cut shot. Waking up to a pull of blood, I crawled out of the car with no traffic whatsoever in sight. The highway was dark and no houses nearby. It was just two friends confused and seeking help.

To cut the story short a bus full of people approached and stopped. Abt five men vakaburuka (got off the bus) and we thot help has come but then I learnt an important life lesson. All they asked us was what happened and took a few selfies and rushed back into the bus the moment the driver paakaridza hooter (blew the horn). Me laying by the roadside and my friend shocked by what was happening. He had minor scratches. I couldn’t lift my right hand and had my face covered by a shirt for the bleeding. The car was damaged beyond repair. At that moment death seemed way closer than I had ever imagined as I felt the weakening of my body. When I was saying sorry to Chamu, my friend, I realised my tongue was close to falling off my mouth. I couldn’t imagine life without being able to talk, taste and even simple things like swallowing normally or sneasing. Ipapo (At that moment) I thought about all I should have done with my life that I never did and the potential I laid idle ndichiti nguva yacho ichasvika (the time shall come). I even thought of the orange muffins my 9 month preggo (pregnant) sister had baked us in the afternoon that I hadnt tasted. It seemed like the end. Gen’a rakandisimbisa  kuti maya hamufe nhasi cde. Zveshuwa i believed (My friend gave me srength that I would not die that evening). Hatife zvekumhanya. Even if physical changes were to come to my body I was ready but death… ‘NO!‘.

mk rolland lunga accident zimshoppingmalls 2By grace some guy with a bread delivery truck gave us a ride and called an ambulance for us from Mbembezi police station where we were ambulanced to Mpilo hospital. I arrived unconscious waking up to the pain of being rushed into the hospital. After having blood washed off me I could hear one doctor saying to another “we cant do anything to that tongue”. It had shredded into three nekuzviruma pa impact (from biting myself at impact) and each piece was holding on to the other padikidiki (by a string). Only one doctor who seemed older akaita zvivindi (was brave) and started sawing back as he could.

STORY SHORTER THAN IT IS I AM ALIVE, I AM HEALING, the pain, swellings, head bruises etc have shown me the importance of utilising time that you have been blessed with. In the same radius of my accident in that same week a Man of God (Pastor Charles Chiriseri) lost his life and in a separate incident 8 people died in a Granvia but here I am typing with a hand in pain but I am here. I HAVE BEEN TRANSITIONED INTO ANOTHER MK ROLLAND LUNGA. GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY IN HEAVEN. Goodnight…

BY THE WAY MY SISTER WAS BLESSED WITH A BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL. Toti MAKOROKOTO haisi nguva yekuchema iyi. #sekuruVaYananiso #transition #shift

Source: Article was written by MK Rolland Lunga from his hospital bed at Mpilo hospital. Slight edits by Lucy

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Takemore Muchekayawa

life lesson so sad

Artie Chaps

Lucy Stevens MK Rolland Lunga

Takemore Muchekayawa

hahaha… true

Artie Chaps


Anesu Matembo

lol true apo kkkkkk


Those 5 guys really took selfies and left? Mxmmm people these days. Get well soon my brother. God is not done with you