My Mom – My Superhero

My Mom – My Superhero

Being raised by a single mom has its difficulties but it brings a mother and her children closer together creating a bond like none other. There are a lot of awesome moments attached and that is the focus of my story today. There were many times I felt a void that seemed impossible to fill after my father passed away but my mother showed up for duty as mother and father each and every single day after that. She gave me what no one else can ever give, a feeling of belonging. She would always be there for me and still always is. She did everything she could to ensure that I never felt like something was missing in my life.

I suppose then it would not be hard to imagine that this might have resulted in a little spoilt brat, but my mother, being a strict disciplinarian, always took measures to ensure that such nonsense did not take place. Spoilt?!! Who? For what? No such thing!!! I remember how I would cry whenever my brother and I were playing and I did not get my way. She would call him to either beat or reprimand him. I would without a doubt be smirking as I contemplated his misfortune. My victory would however, always be short-lived as I would receive the same treatment, much to my demise. One particular statement would usually accompany such beatings:

To my brother:

Iwe usachemedze mwana (don’t do things that make your sister cry)

To me:

and iwe usangocheme-cheme zvisina nebasa rese (and, you, don’t just cry willy-nilly)

Talk about being on-top of the situation!

I remember when I had my hair relaxed for the first time. I was 5 years old at the time and needless, to say had no inkling as to what this ‘hair relaxing’ business was all about. All I knew was that I would look pretty after and my hair would look like the picture of the little girls’ which was on the box. How could I say no? However, I think someone forgot to mention that this process was accompanied by a burning sensation on my scalp which WOULD NOT  be remedied by running around in my little red, blue and white swimming costume to ‘ease the pain’. Adrenaline kicked in. Fight or flight? Flight definitely ruled. You laugh now, but I felt like my head was on fire and man did I run… No one managed to catch me for a while.  The fact that I trusted my mum to relax my hair in subsequent years following that incident says a lot about how she handled it then. It also says a lot about her as my mum. Calm but firm.

In my opinion, I was never spoilt but I was spoiled and there’s a fine line between the two. The latter talks of special treats here and there to show love and that is what my mom did. When I was in the first grade, we had the annual Christmas play coming up. The organizing teacher had explicitly stated that we would all need crowns for … something. I was 6 and remember making a “crown”. It was pathetic and totally unworthy of the occasion ahead. But without a doubt, my favorite superhero (mommy dearest) came through for me with a crown befitting of a little princess. It was decorated with pretty multi-colored glitter-gel makers and I got so many compliments which I absolutely loved.

There isn’t a single of mine or my brother’s Prize Giving Days’ which my mom did not attend. No matter how busy or tied up she was, she always made time for us and managed to come through. She also made sure to always attend Sports Days and other such important childhood days. When I wrote my O’levels and passed, mom was happy, ecstatic really. So happy that she had a cake baked especially for me as a congratulatory present. I didn’t expect it. Then again, my mom has a tendency of shocking me with wonderful stunts like that. The best was when I turned 21. It was an ordinary day for me. It was during the working week. Yes, people said happy birthday to me but no one got me ANYTHING. Rutendo and mom 2I tried to pass it off, acting all chilled but I was livid. Not a single one of my friends even visited me. Like really people? I just turned 21 here! By the end of the day I was well into character and being really blasé about the whole ‘turning 21’ thing. Then on Saturday, my brother told me he wanted to take me shopping for my present. I agreed of course (what normal 21 year old turns down shopping?). My glorious shopping time was dramatically cut short though when we were informed that my mom had suddenly been seriously taken ill. We rushed home and I remember leaping out of the taxi before the engine had even stopped running because my mom needed me. Walking through the gate I was more than perplexed to find a number of my friends and family standing and shouting ‘surprise!!!’ My mom… That woman is amazing. She managed to pull together a surprise party for me right under my nose!

My mom hates dogs but I absolutely adore them. I suppose she is justified in her hate as she was bitten by a dog when she was a child. Regardless, she allowed me to own a dog when I was 14. A beautiful harlequin colored Great Dane that I named Brix. Mom would help me take Brix to the vet and she would go to the butchery to buy Brix sawdust which had nothing to do with the fact that she did not want the dog to starve or felt sorry for her. She would do it all for me because she knew how much I loved that dog. So because she loved me, she helped me take care of her sworn enemy. You’re probably wondering what happened to Brix? Well… that is a story for another day.

These are just some of the awesome moments with my mum. There are plenty more, trust me! I bet now you’re contemplating trading my mom for yours but I’ll pass. I am too happy to give up the wonderful woman who not only brought me into this world but helps deal with it every day. I Love You Mom!

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