My Angel Has An Extra Chromosome – Part 3

My Angel Has An Extra Chromosome sisusami 3On my page l once wrote that it takes a community to raise child and it takes the very same community to raise a child with special needs. Every parent in this position needs support and yet what they usually get is pity and weird looks and no one deserves that. It could be out of ignorance about the condition or just simply not knowing how to respond and that is why I have decided to share our experiences and hopefully this will raise awareness on down-syndrome and make a difference.

Support groups provide a lot of help . They taught us how to care for our little girl by massaging her to help her physical development along, the kind of toys she needs, how to carry her with her legs are crossed because she is very flexible so that helps them stay in place and keep her comfortable. They also teach us how to tell people around us about the special newest addition to the family. To help them understand the difference between the special one and typical ones and how best they can help to make your angels life as normal as possible. I am sure you are wondering why am I saying typical when referring to children without DS instead of normal. Well we are all different and unique, so normal doesn’t exist to me. It is a very relative term. Although DS children require special attention, it is also very important for them to be treated like all other children when it comes to issues of discipline. That means having rules just like everyone else and being told NO when necessary. If they need a time out or naughty corner for breaking rules then that’s what ought to be done so be firm when necessary. If you don’t discipline that little one you are going to have a child that is out of control. I wouldn’t have known that if it wasn’t for the support group. It’s great how people who have gone through the same situation avail a wealth of wisdom for us  who are new to it. Having the knowledge equips us to raise her better.

Special little ones need love, they are very sensitive so patience is important. I took a 7 month leave after my baby was born and in this time we developed a special bond. When I had to return to work, I prayed for a helper who would be just as patient and loving as I was with my daughter and God sent me a guardian angel. I work as a chef and that means long hours but thankfully I get to spend all morning with Zia and by the time I come back from work she is fast asleep but I am assured that she has been well taken care of in my absence. That gives me peace of mind. Join me next week for Part 4 of this wonderful journey.


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