Marketing Trends That Will Dominate In 2018

Marketing is based on one fact… attention! With that in mind we’ve got to look at where marketers can focus their attention on. Below I’ve listed a few sectors that I think will dominate or continue gaining momentum in 2018
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Facebook live video

Facebook live video was introduced in April 2016. It’s a video recording platform on Facebook that allows individuals and businesses to document current events via mobile devices. Locally we see some businesses using Facebook live as a form of brand awareness and it works better than traditional organic posts.

Facebook is arguably the new tv. In recent eye tests, Facebook has shown that video content is getting five times longer gazes than static content. This goes on to show that this is a tactic to get the most compelling content to curators. Quintly also suggests that there is over 1055% higher share rate on Facebook native video. 100 million hours of video is estimated to be watched each day on Facebook alone.

Youtube reports that there is a 100% increase every year on video consumption. So its not Facebook only that’s benefiting from this, Instagram also offers a live video option.

Other trends to keep an eye on, in 2018

Chat bots

Well the use of chat boxes in our social media is increasing and depending on how you set them up no one can figure out that it’s a bot they are talking to. Though it is not recommended to automate engagement as it will remove the human element to social media.

Organizations that use chat bots effectively include Microsoft, they receive huge volumes of inquires. These chat bots help customers faster than human beings and do not need to be on the payroll. That’s a plus any business will quickly jump on and their cost effectiveness largely explains their rising popularity.+

The other trend marketers need to keep a keen eye on is Instagram usage and platform organic growth.

Instagram is a photo sharing application that works the same way as Twitter. It allows users to follow and interact with their passions.

Instagram at the present moment has the best organic reach. Organic reach is unpaid-for reach. These are basically the number of people that come across your posts when you make them. It’s one place where a post can reach to vast amounts of people organically. It’s believed that Instagram is the new Facebook. Facebook at the present moment has killed free organic posts for business and is now a paid for platform. So in the short term businesses can get more eyes on their content organically through Instagram. Most businesses have already set up accounts as it records over 25 million businesses that use Instagram and the number is increasing.

What online marketing tools are you using and which ones are giving your business the best results? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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