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I went to school but l did not learn
Allow me to break down what had me down
He was not the type that was rowdy
That is why he almost got me muddy
White coat, syringe man who was not yet my man
He seemed like a whole deal
That’s why l jumped into his Audi
Women barely meet them young and rich nowadays
The same reason they miss their period for 270 days
We would sit in his car
Talk about random stuff
He kept me to his left, it is mandatory to keep left
Left of his right, the mother seat felt heavenly
For two days it felt different
I was reigning but whose Queen was l?
Not even the Joker’s
Because 72 hours down the line everything became a lie
I was being objectified by this man l thought would be mine
The power of money is worth more than what the eyes can’t hide
He started slowly, advancing towards what he had always wanted
Small talked about my sexuality
Smart talked about my HIV status
At his 9th hour l became the Jesus of his life because he lost me
He tried to play the devil and Eve on me
Cease the moment and take advantage of me
It had always been about the sex
He never bothered knowing my shoe size but loved the idea of my bra size
I WANT YOU! , the disgust in his last text then he went permanently silent on me
I became the woman on a mission
Life got sickening but l did not fall ill
I forgot about getting better and became bitter
I am on a man hunt, I will not lower my gun down until l put a man down

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