Life Coach Demystified

Life coach is the new aunt or uncle… but the good type; you know… the one we all wish we had.

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From day one that you came into this world, and enrolled in this university called life – you have had coaches along the way. I remember getting spanked by a doctor, ok maybe I don’t remember exactly but I know the doc spanked me and I cried like a baby should then as soon as I cried, mum took me and embraced me with her hands full of love… already coaching me to love. Growing up she was always with me coaching me and empowering me with tools that that I am still using to this day. At times it got so tough at school that I felt like giving up but she would motivate me to keep on trying and never give up. As you can see, even before I knew about coaching I had a coach in mum and thank God because her exceptional skills I have progressed quite well in life and I continue to grow in all areas of my life using her life tools.

Coaching is derived from a Hungarian word “Carriage” which is “something that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be”. A life coach will help you to move in your life from where you currently are to where you want to be through various tools. Think of a life coach as the catalyst that can help you realize you can do it and get it done quicker than you thought possible.
Coaching is not just for the broken or wounded but it is for anyone that wants to be in a better place than they currently are… Are you trying to better yourself? Then you need a life coach.

Why do you need a Life Coach or life coaching?

  1. A coach will equip you with tools that you need to create a meaningful life and achieve a reality you desire.
  2. A coach will help you to reach your Personal Best Performance (PBC)
  3. A coach will train you to be the best version of yourself
  4. A coach will help you re-wire and re-focus your energies
  5. A coach will help you know yourself and develop a better brand called you

No matter who you are or where your life is, the fact is where you are going you need a life coach in your career, relationship, business, academics, family, schools and community. Coaching will help you develop and better execute your life strategy.

Something as simple as fear and procrastination can be dangerous to your existence but can be managed through life tools. To be the best version of yourself, perform at your best you need a vehicle called coaching that will equip you with strategies to push you and challenge you until you arrive at the place you want to be – your vision of yourself.

Ponder Points – Who is coaching you?
Who is challenging you to grow and perform better?

Truth is we all need that experienced individual that knows how to help us become the best version of ourselves – a life coach! Search for a life coach near you and get started on understanding and appreciation who you are right now and how to get the current you to the version of you that you have always dreamed of… Would you hire a life coach? If so, then what qualities would you look for in a life coach? If not why wouldn’t you? I look forward to reading your responses in the comments section below. I will respond to everyone as quickly as possible.

If it is up to you then DO IT!!! – Mallvine

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thank you for such an amazing story
yes i would like to ask you a question
how can person learn from whom they when they are scared to pour out what is on their hearts?