Jah Prayzah Album Launch – Mudhara Vachauya

By Silence Charumbira (Showbiz Editor)

He has certainly come and he has conquered if you are to take the title Mudhara Vachauya into its context. That could aptly sum up Jah Prayzah’s launch held at the Harare International Conference Centre on Friday evening. The euphoria in the run up to the event has been matched by the organisation of the launch and what remains to be seen is whether the album will live up to the expectations of the fans. Yet even that is playing the devil’s advocate for the presentation by the artiste on the big night deals away with all doubt.

Precedence has shown in the past few years that he sets the bar too high; utter ambition. But the effort exerted answers that question. Then you wonder, what is it that he has not done? Like never before, HICC was filled to the brim by a local artiste; worse at an album launch. The event on Friday marked the beginning of a new era where if musicians are to take lessons, they would put their all into professionalism. It was a flawless process from the entrance into the main auditorium, save for the congestion at the bars owing to the huge numbers.

gonyeti and magi PO Box TV ZimShoppingMalls
Gonyeti and Magi: PO Box TV also performed at the gig extending their grasp on stand up comedy

Musicians that played along the main act of the night also made it worthwhile. Sam Dondo struggled in the initial instances to cajole the audience that remained etched in their seats for the rest of his. His performance was by any measure good, but lack of experience saw him maintaining slow tempos for a gig that was by any measure meant for energy only waiting to redeem himself through pulsating dance routines aided by Generator.

Father and son, Willom and Gary Tight then ignited the enthusiasm that had been lacking with the young Gary going down memory lane playing his father’s duet with Mateo Pamuhacha. Willom and Superstar Oliver Mtukudzi were to join him for an emotional rendition of the late Sam’s Samatenga yeuka.

After the Tights’ set, Jah Prayzah had to be invited to pacify audiences who could not wait for the draws and speeches before Tuku eventually took over with a polished set.

Jah Prayzah was to return after Tuku had declared the album released showing his video with Tanzanian Diamond Watora Mari that oozes with quality. When it came to his set, he appeared to have revamped his drills that had become somewhat predictable and evidence was conspicuous that immense effort had been put into choreography.

The show ended at 3am with the house still packed.

Jah Prayzah leaves Harare for Bulawayo for the second edition of the launch scheduled for tonight at the Large City Hall.

He will be supported by Winky D, Cal-vin and Sam Dondo.

The CD is already on the streets selling from all Coloursel branches across the country and at all Zimpapers newspaper vending posts at $1.

Source: showbiz

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