How To Post As Your Facebook Page on Facebook

Post As Your Facebook is a great little Facebook setting every Facebook marketer needs to know how to turn on and off and more importantly know when to use it and when not to.

So you have created your Facebook page and you want to post as your face book page…

On your laptop/desktop follow these steps to post as your page on Facebook

  • STEP 1a: Log into your Facebook account and go to your Facebook Page and find the ‘SETTINGS‘ menu item and indicated by the red rectangle in the below image for the ZimShoppingMalls page that we will be using for this illustration. Click on the Settings Menu.
facebook page settings zimshoppinmalls step 1
  • STEP 2a: In the Setting page, find the ‘Post Attribution‘ menu on the left panel as indicated in the below image. Click on the ‘Post Attribution ‘ menu item and select the ‘Post as ZimShoppingMalls’ radio button in the main panel as indicated below (Your selection will have the name of your page in place of ZimShoppingMalls).
facebook page settings zimshoppinmalls step 2

That’s it!!! You will now, by default, be able to post on your page as your page and not yourself or your personal account. To change the default page setting again, just follow step 1a and 2a again and select the appropriate new setting in step 2a.

Posting as yourself or your page on the fly in the Facebook comments

STEP 1b: Navigate to the post that you want to comment on as yourself or your page. Before you click on comment you must find the small profile image that should be to the right of the share option on the same line as the like – comment – and share menu items… Click on the little upside down triangle.

facebook page settings zimshoppinmalls step 3

STEP 2b: You should see a pop-out window should as shown in the below image. Among the options should be posting as your personal Facebook account or any of the Facebook pages that you manage. Choose the appropriate one and type your comment and that is it… done!!! To change the settings back to what they were, simply follow step 1b and 2b again but this time you don’t have to post a comment.

facebook page settings zimshoppinmalls step 4
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