How To Create & Add an Email Signature In Outlook 2013

Email signatures are one of those things that could actually sway a potential client to give you business instead of going to your competition. Think of email signatures as sort of an extension to your business card or perhaps even a form of your virtual business card. Today we will specifically focus on how you can create and add your email signature in outlook 2013. Other versions of outlook may have slightly different procedures but the process should be more or less the same…

Creating and Adding Outlook Email Signatures

  1. The first thing you need to do is open your outlook email client on your computer and make sure that the HOME tab is selected and if not click on it then click on <New Email> as illustrated by the following image… setup email signature in outlook zimshoppingmalls
  2. A new email message window will open. In that window make sure you are in the <MESSAGE> tab and find the <Signature> option under the message menu option. Click on the signatures drop-down and any signatures you already have saved will appear here otherwise you will only see the option ,Signatures> as illustrated in the following image… setup email signature in outlook zimshoppingmalls
  3. The <Signatures and Stationery> window will open. In this window, any saved signatures that you can edit will appear under the <Select signature to edit> option otherwise nothing will appear in there and the <New> selection will be the highlighted option as indicated in the following image… setup email signature in outlook zimshoppingmalls
  4. Click on the <New> option and the New Signature naming form will popup. Enter your desired name for your new signature… Hopefully something that will help you identify the signature and attach it to the appropriate email account later in the setup. In our example we chose to name it “ZimShoppingMalls Signature Main”. Click <OK> after typing in your desired signature name/identifier. setup email signature in outlook zimshoppingmalls
  5. After clicking <OK>, you can now begin editing your signature. By default, the signature you have jut created will be Highlighted in the ‘Select signature to edit’ section. You can assign the signature to an email account as the default signature through a series of dropdown menus (E-mail account, New messages and Replies/Forwards) under the ‘Choose default signature’ section to the right of the ‘Select signature to edit’ section within the Signatures and Stationery screen.  If you want the email signature to automatically be added to your new emails then select the appropriate email account and under New messages, select the appropriate signature ID/name. Click SAVE to ensure that you don’t lose the settings you have updated thus far. Now you can begin creating and updating your email signature. setup email signature in outlook zimshoppingmallsdetailsAs illustrated in the above image, you can create and/or edit your signature by entering the appropriate details in the <Edit signature> section of the same Signatures and Stationery screen. Type your name as you would like it to appear as we did for our business developer… Note that you can edit the font name, size, weight and styling as you would in an MS Word document. Enter other details like the email address details, phone numbers, website, physical address etc and then if you have an image you can add it by clicking on the icon next to the link icon that we have highlighted in red in the image. The recommended dimensions for an email signature in outlook are 650px width by 90-150px height. Once you are happy with the way your signature looks in the viewer you can click <SAVE>and then <OK>.

That’s it!!! Now close the current email message you have open and open a new one by following the instruction in step #1 above. You will notice that your signature now appears in your New Emails if you assigned it to the ‘New Emails’ option in the first part of step #5 above. You can edit the image dimensions and styling of your signature until you get your desired results. In the example above we used 800px by 120px for our signature image.

The steps to edit your saved signatures are more or less as above except you don’t create a new signature but simply select the signature you want to edit in step 3 above and then skip step 4 and follow the instructions in step 5 above.

Now you can create and add a signature in outlook and you can also edit saved signatures. Fell free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. We would love to hear other tips and tricks to setting up signatures in Outlook 2013.

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